About Illoogle

What Is Illoogle?

I created Illoogle as a companion site to NuPopCulture.com. Both have similar themes about modern culture in which nature and technology live in harmony with a mature, humorous sense of the world. I believe humor helps with the education process. So I design content that includes a mix of social commentary, humor and knowledge. I guess it can be thought of as a blog series. If I were to seriously categorize it, I think it should be considered a stream of consciousness social diary.

Part of the inspiration of Illoogle is to lampoon some of the tech world's attempts to control society or markets. I enjoy alerting people to the real issues that matter to society, more than fake news that is regularly dished out by even big media. Unlike a bunch of big media, Illoogle is not a hype-driven marketing channel. Nor does Illoogle bombard you with annoying pop-up ads or disruptive interruptions.

At the moment, Illoogle is a collection of informative articles and original art. You'll see an artistic society of mostly ridiculous characters. One of my favorite topics is to joke about search engine flaws, so that maybe they can focus on making search results more relevant.

How Is Illoogle Better Than Google?

Illoogle doesn't spy on you
doesn't try to second guess your tastes
isn't trying to be king of the internet
doesn't confuse popularity or credibility with number of clicks
will not direct you toward worthless content
Illoogle won't trash your online image
isn't trying to control search rankings
doesn't develop an army of robots to replace human labor
won't collect enormous data on you
knows how to communicate: nupopculture@gmail.com

Created by Alex Cosper