The Corporate Vision of AI Entertainment

The corporate government was able to successfully test its first "AI Entertainer," which is the name of the robot they invented, in a fictional story that lampoons the direction of tech. The corp/govt made its patent available for tech giants to commercially develp products that use the technology, which is designed to cut talent costs. Instead of Big Biz paying large royalties to human talent, it can use that money for promoting its brands.

In order to create demand for the product, manufacturers will point out that human entertainers bring a great degree of risk and uncertainty to the equation. A human, for example, can run up a higher than expected recording bill, due to trying to make everything sound slick and perfect. An AI Entertainer, on the other hand, is programmed to get the job done by a certain deadline. So if the assignment is to compose a new song by midnight, the program will deliver its best results at the moment the project expires.

The human side of running a corporation is creating challenges for Big Biz to generate corporate responsibility reports. Keeping it human means a future of creating extra work that evaluates humans and how they are treated by employers, whereas switching to robots cleanly wipes away responsibilities and problems introduced by pro-human advocates. Robot culture reflects both greed for higher profits and desire for business sustainability, which contributes to the company's corporate responsibility report.

Everyone has to remember that the music biz is billions in debt and needs to address its struggling financial issues. One way for big execs to still get paid millions is to cut thousands of jobs and replace them with automation. The radio biz has gotten away with moving toward automation for the past few decades. It hasn't helped pull the industry out of quicksand, but the automation threat works as a vision that tricks lenders and investors into thinking the radio biz still has a future.

One of the issues critics have made about AI Entertainer is that it has no soul and sounds like music that came from some weird empty place. Scientists are still working on this problem, calling it more of a "perception problem" than a technical issue. Techies say they need more innovative marketing slogans to overcome the percpetion that robots don't convey emotions.

Created by Alex Cosper