Why Online Advertising Needs Radical Reorganization

March 2017 will be remembered as the month fake news fell apart and discussions began to question online advertising. Alex Jones apologized for the fake Pizzagate scandal while YouTube apologized for big biz ads running on controversial sites. The YouTube model of letting anyone run ads on their videos to make pennies for clicks is getting old. Google has now owned YouTube for over a decade and still needs to come up with an effective advertising model that doesn't remind us of something worse than last century's television model for advertising.

The interruptive nature of online pop-up ads, especially on YouTube, is clearly ineffective at getting people to support a brand. I have never bought a product because I saw an interruptive banner ad blast in my face on YouTube. I can't imagine how many billions of dollars have been thrown away on this useless advertising platform. What the internet needs is a more sensible advertising model that is more targeted toward specific audiences rather than the traditional number game approach of hoping that 5-7% of the audience responds.

Advertising should not be ridiculous or embarrassing. It should not have to be disguised or embedded into programming. I wouldn't mind pop-up banners if they were outside the video and didn't block visuals. I believe the infographic format is more effective at capturing attention and should be explored as an alternative to the intrusive, annoying, poorly-envisioned current model.

Created by Alex Cosper