The Beauty and Intelligence of Aerial Views

"From a bird's eye view, California appears to be a state rich in vegetation, ocean and mountain scenery, calm rivers and streams, deserts and amazing forests. The cities are easy to overlook because the surrounding beauty is stunning to anyone who appreciates the wonders of nature. It's a treasure that gives you a lot of different tastes of the planet." That was the opening paragaph of a best selling book on bird psychology by Dr. Birdsy Birdsong, a cartoon character within a ponzi scheme matrix called PeerAmid Island.

Dr. Birdsong teaches young bird students at her Treehouse Academy that she founded after her book - the first ever written by a bird (actually dictated to a ghostwriter) - hit the top of the PeerAmid Island Best Sellers List. Birdsong learned to speak English and other languages at a very young age, partly because she was raised by parrots.

During the disastrous George W. Bush administration, Birdsy decided it was time to speak up about how birds aren't as destructive as humans, therefore, are not as stupid as humans. From this reasonable logic, Dr. Birdsong put her thoughts down in a book Why Birds are Smarter Than Humans, which became a best seller in a matter of weeks.

The book went on to inspire the song "Birds are Smarter Than Humans" by Birdsong's Treehouse Academy (put together by the good doctor's students). The song rose to number one on the Bullboard charts after Trip 1000 AM started giving it airplay, which led to spins at other stations.

Birdsong's main body of evidence that birds are smarter than humans comes from analyzing aerial views of cities vs. aerial views of uninhabited landscape. "Birds don't waste space, nor do we pollute the air, which is something we all share. Greedy humans claim to own land, but birds never make such claims. We may occupy certain trees where we feel we have built safe nests for shelter, but we tend to fly southward in the winter instead of sticking around for bad weather."

In Birdsong's view, birds are the higher order of nature, since they naturally occupy the highest elevation of living creatures. Birds can even fly higher than trees. Birds also have earned seniority over humans by virtue of existing longer than humans.

As the Trump administration moves deeper into favors for big polluters in 2018, Dr. Birdsong is developing a louder voice. She believes that polluting the skies has been the biggest flaw of the human race, as she specifically looks down her beak at big biz. "Birds don't need cars, planes, boats or trains," she tells her students. "We go wherever we want and we aren't slowed down by machines."

Created by Alex Cosper