Do you think it was fair for social media sites to ban Alex Jones? (08/16/18)

SLEEPY RIDER: Oh man, that dude was boring anyway. Anyone can make up stories like that, except for some reason he makes millions spreading lies. Then again, same old boring story. The worst influences on society make the most money, so I just tune out of that whole media baloney and dream up my own fake stories inside my head.
JACK CEDARS PINEMAN: Just when it looked like Jones was about to uncover the deep state, the deep state runs him off the internet. I watched his video show regularly and learned a lot about how the deep state is interfering with the Trump presidency, keeping him from toppling the elites.
MARILYN MUNSON-PENNINGTON: I don't like Alex Jones, but I worry about censorship. Who's next? It almost seems like you're not allowed to express your opinion anymore, especially if it's based on completely fake information.
SMEDLEY ONSARRIS: Jones was only trying to wake people up and look at the thanks he got. That's typical of today's politically correct socialists trying to take away the First Amendment. Jones was mostly trying to protect the Second Amendment, so it's obvious this is a left wing conspiracy to silence traditional Americans. Like Jones warned when Obama took office, the government is trying to take our guns away.
ACOUSTIC ANGELO: Alex Jones is lame, as in super fraud. Anyone who believes that clown needs psycho therapy. He's even worse than Fox News when it comes to spreading fake news. I only needed to listen to that crazy clown once to know he's the most fake thing in the history of media. Keep in mind lots of people are suing that clown for the pain he's caused by saying stuff like the Sandy Hook incident was fake news.
RUDY RIDDLER: This is total bunk. Alex Jones' InfoWars show was the only place I could get real news about all the fake psyops going on to make Trump look bad. Obviously the deep state had something to do with yanking Jones off Facebook and YouTube. So I'm going to boycott those sites just to send out a message that I don't support haters of free speech.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: Who is Alex Jones? I have no idea who that is. I only pay attention to mainstream media because that's the official accurate news. If something isn't mentioned on the big TV networks, it must not be important. That's the way I see it. If Jones has ever been on mainstream media I've never found out about it, so I figure he's just some nobody looking for fame.
COUNT DRUGULA: Good to get that nonsense off the internet. Now hopefully the freaks who watched that show will get back to regularly scheduled mainstream media, so they can see all my prescription drug commercials. For awhile it looked like Jones was going to disrupt my market of fake placebo drugs by selling fake supplements.
JOE 12-PACK: No matter how you look at it, Trump got robbed. Trump and Jones are buddies, so obviously getting rid of Jones was a slap in the face to the president. I didn't understand much of his conspiracy stuff, especially all the boring stuff about the economy, but I thought he was good just because he supported Trump.
CLAIRE TYLER-BRYANT: Americans don't need Alex Jones to chase fictional rabbit holes. There are plenty of fictional books or cartoons to explore for people who can't handle reality or want to escape. Jones represented escape from the present and in some ways an escape to the past. I never paid any attention to his show, but I have friends who have told me about his psychobabble.
FRANKIE FLATS: Alex Jones is kind of a conspiracy nut, which is the exact type of topic I like to write songs about for my group the Shadow Government Occult Band. I actually used to think he was cool when he was bashing Bush, but then it turned out he bashes everyone but Trump. That should tell you how in the dark he is.

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