The Conservative Mindset of Archie Bonker

Archie Bonker is a fictional persona of a certain type of conservative commonly found among white middle class suburban and rural Americans. He's pretty much the target audience of the conservative-bias network Fox News. He watches them endlessly with the volume turned up, letting everyone in the household know he stands for far right politics.

Yes, he voted for Trump and still defends Nixon and the Bushes. He supports war if it's waged by a republican administration but opposes war if it's started by a democratic administration. Archie has no idea what is meant by the "military industrial complexā€¯ but supports military even though it consumes the highest percentage of taxes out of everything taxpayers pay for. Ironically, he hates taxes and blames them completely on the democrats. He assumes most of his taxes pay for the lower class, which of course, is not even close to the truth.

In Bonker's world, taxes always go up during a democratic administration and always go down during a republican administration. "Just look at how the stock market keeps going up under Trump," he says, parroting Fox News, while ignoring that it's gone up all decade starting with Obama. He views republicans as Christians and democrats as Satanists. He believes the U.S. Constitution was based on The Holy Bible and that Christianity is the official religion of the United States.

He's pro-gun, anti-abortion and anti-environment. He thinks that only white property owners like himself should have rights, as he often cites that's how the Founding Fathers set up the system. He assumes that anyone who makes over $40k is a republican and anyone who makes less than that is a democrat looking for a government handout. He blames young people out of work on being lazy. He has no idea what a college education costs these days since he hates education.

On social media he brags about being a "true American" and advises "America haters to move to another country" if they don't like the direction Trump is taking the country. He's against raising the minimum wage. If he had his way, there would be no minimum wage and workers would have to work longer hours ("to catch up with the winners in society," he often says).

Created by Alex Cosper