03-17-2017 Opening Day: What Illoogle Doesn't Know
03-18-2017 Tribute to Chuck Berry (1926-2017)
03-20-2017 The Difference Between Fiction and Fake News
03-21-2017 Analysis of the Fiction Writing Market
03-22-2017 Crawling Back From the Memory Hole
03-24-2017 The Need for a Media Deprogramming Industry
03-25-2017 Evaluating The Health of The Internet
03-27-2017 Internet Security Quietly Moves Up The Agenda
03-28-2017 Introducing Corp Insider: The All-American Whistle Blower
03-30-2017 Why Online Advertising Needs Radical Reorganization
04-01-2017 A Crash Course In Music Production
04-02-2017 How Producer Crunch Compressed Music Biz Sales
04-06-2017 The Need For Better Indie Music Intelligence
04-07-2017 Meet Chester Commonfolk, A TV Brainwashed Zombie
04-10-2017 The Ageless Rebel, An American Hippy Purist
04-14-2017 Introducing Santa Bunny, Ambassador of Pagan Holidays
04-16-2017 How Egghead Knowledge Can Transform Society
04-20-2017 The Week Alex Jones and Bill O'Reilly Got Nailed
04-22-2017 Make Earth Day Every Day
04-25-2017 Introducing Plant/Human Hybrid Zoylent Green (aka ZG)
04-28-2017 How Fake News Influences Big Tech Watchdogs
04-30-2017 Guerilla vs Gorilla Marketing
05-07-2017 DJ Party Boss Is In The House
05-12-2017 Why the Russian Hysteria Is More Rumor Than Theory
05-15-2017 Understanding the Modern Global Village
05-20-2017 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ignoring History
05-23-2017 Here Comes the Blogger From Nowhere
05-26-2017 Sgt. Pepper Returns at Age 50
06-02-2017 More Talk About Sgt. Pepper
06-08-2017 What We've Learned from Sgt. Pepper
06-19-2017 How Sgt. Pepper Can Help Businesses
06-30-2017 Characters and Dimensions of Sgt. Pepper
07-04-2017 Meeting of the Melting Minds
07-14-2017 How Gadget Lovers Have Altered Communication
07-21-2017 What a Real Investigative Journalist Looks Like
07-30-2017 A Place Called Pyramid Island
08-04-2017 How Phil Anthropist Poses as a Charity
08-15-2017 The Inside Story on Serpent Pepper

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