What will be the price of Bitcoin at the end of 2017?

The following residents of Pyramid Island were asked on December 11, 2017 what they think the price of Bitcoin will be by the end of the year. The price has risen this year from under $1,000 to over $17,000.

ARCHIE BONKER: I've never heard of Bitcoin, so I have no idea what it's even about. Why would someone pay $17k for something nobody's ever heard of? If it recently hit $17k, then I'll just say $17k. Why would the price change that much in less than a month?

24/7 TECHIE: I've been following Bitcoin since it came on the scene in 2009. The cost of making a bitcoin through bitcoin mining is about $1000 worth of computing power, or at least that's what John McAfee said in an interview. I'll guess that it hits $20k.

EVAN SPRINGER SATANICA: Bitcoin is the currency of hackers. If people only knew it's really worth nothing. I think Bitcoin will crash hard since it's just a fraud. Jim Cramer says it's a gamble, so that's what I'm saying. I predict it will collapse to under $10k by the end of the year.

BIRDSY BIRDSONG: I think it will fly much higher in the future. It's been ripping upward for awhile, so what are the chances the trend will end exactly when the media is finally starting to talk about it? I think it will hover between $10k and $20k for the rest of the year. It's inspired my team of investors to look into starting our own cryptocurrency called "SeedCoin."

RUDY RIDDLER: Bitcoin is the hit of the century. It's the underground world's answer to the Federal Reserve. The easiest path to wealth over the next few years will be investing in cryptocurrency. I think Bitcoin will easily blast past $50k by the end of 2017.

Created by Alex Cosper