Too Many Burgers Will Make You a Burgerhead Junkie

The last thing you want to end up like is Burgerhead Junkie, a cartoon character that turned into a burger from eating too many burgers. He actually believed in the saying "you are what you eat" to the point that mind over matter took over. He's the type of shallow-minded individual that would accept a burger as payment for one hour of work. Hooked on burgers since a young age, he's probably past the point of no return. He'll probably be a burgerhead the rest of his life.

It's understandable how humans turn into burgerheads. One of the most advertised foods on TV is burgers. Ever since the fifties when burger drive-thrus began to populate neighborhoods, America has been hypnotized by burger culture. It doesn't matter what the ingredients are, as many people only eat exactly what their taste buds tell them to eat. They have zero knowledge of where their food comes from or how it's made. If they only knew big biz did the psychological research years ago to understand how to manipulate consumer behavior with artificial flavors. Added sugar and salt is snuck into a lot of processed food.

You can't expect the average TV brainwashed zombie to think too deeply about nutrition. Unfortunately, if something's not big in big media, it often gets overshadowed by big media stuff like junk food brands. That's a fact when it comes to restaurants and mass marketed foods. You'll see more commercials on TV in 2018 for candy made of synthetic chemicals than you'll see for health food. Ironically, organic food has grown to be worth over $40 billion per year without much help from big media. It's literally an organic revolution.

Burgerhead Junkie is a health disaster waiting to happen. All he eats is junk food at least three times a day, sometimes even more. He equates food with pleasure and nothing else, not caring about the energy or nutrition that food is supposed to provide. His health care costs have skyrocketed the past decade, partly because he's hooked on so many different drugs. Sadly, it's draining his life savings. If only he knew that a healthier diet and exercise would wipe out a lot of health care costs.

The future of Burgerhead Junkie is dismal as far as medical bills and dependence on big pharma to solve all the problems he creates for himself with poor lifestyle choices. If your goal is to be just like Burgerhead Junkie then you must be thoroughly brainwashed by big biz. It takes mental strength to reduce burger intake. There's so much peer pressure to grab a quick burger everywhere you turn. The typical 30-minute corporate lunch is based on the notion that there are plenty of convenient fast food places everywhere so that you don't need to go far to eat fast.

What you put in your body is an investment in either good health or bad health. It should be no secret that Burgerhead Junkie has made a huge investment in poor health.

Created by Alex Cosper