The DIY Record Label Mystique of Calvin Waxler

Calvin Waxler made his mark in the radio industry last century. He did afternoons in several major markets, raking in millions of dollars over a few decades. Waxler quit the radio biz when it got too corporate and more about commercials than content. In recent years he's been very bummed out about the direction of pop music. At one time mainstream music seemed like a party that united society, but now it seems like boring marketing.

Waxler believes he can save both the radio and music industries by starting a new label that only signs inventive artists who have something new to bring to the party. He's putting the label together from scratch with a few of his buds from the music biz who understand the industry better than he does.

Although Waxler wants his label to be different from all other major labels, he still wants to compete for placement on the Bullboard charts. He understands that no matter how bogus these charts are, they create a perception of historic documentation of market performance. Waxler himself is familiar with the game of how music is promoted to radio stations.

The new label is set to launch sometime in 2019. Waxler believes that most people are unfamiliar with the songs on the charts, which have become promotional vehicles for labels. He wants his label to stand out with integrity as one that doesn't but its way into the spotlight, but earns its reputation through respectable signings.

Another way that Waxler wants to stand out from the rest of the music biz is that he wants to give his artists a high percentage of the profits. He only wants 5% of the profits while creators get the rest. Waxler believes in the Beatles business model to music of every song and album being unique. He wants to end the trend of major labels releasing a lot of copycat music of earlier profitable music.

Created by Alex Cosper