What a Real Investigative Journalist Looks Like

In 2017 American media has become super sloppy and detached from the original concepts of investigative journalism. The Russian hacker scare story is just one of many examples of bad reporting that hinges on rumors instead of facts. If you want to know what a real investigative reporter looks like, meet Carrie Ann Savant.

Even though she's a fictional cartoon not based on any real person, she embodies the true spirit of media reporting, since she's not out to just bash figures based on their political affiliations or ideologies. Her job is to collect information and then tell a story, not the other way around.

Unlike mainstream media, Savant cares about the truth. Regular old media, unfortunately, is mainly about advertising and publishing what advertisers want to place their ads next to. YouTube, unfortunately, has joined mainstream media in its backward approach to journalism. If YouTube starts getting complaints from BigBiz that their ads are placed in controversial videos, YouTube now seeks to demonetize those videos, as they've recently done with progressive comedian Jimmy Dore.

So much of mainstream media originates from either corporate press releases or PR think tanks hired by corporations. Savant sees through all that, partly because she has the luxury of being an independent reporter. In other words, she's her own boss and chooses her own assignments. She sells her stories to small indie publications around the world and makes a good living. But she's not willing to compromise to please her clients.

Investigative reporting is supposed to be objective, not a witch hunt. Savant became interested in reporting during the Iraq War started by George W. Bush. She had a hunch from the beginning that the whole "weapons of mass destruction" lie was just an excuse to borrow trillions of dollars to feed the military industrial complex, but she didn't just jump to that conclusion. She did remind her readers in every article that the government has been staging "false flag" operations for over a century.

Eventually she was able to get actual quotes from Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, via various media sources that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Savant has won countless awards for her honest and accurate independent reporting.

Created by Alex Cosper