Meet Chester Commonfolk, a TV Brainwashed Zombie

On April 7, 2017 I uneveiled Chester Commonfolk as a new character here on Illoogle. He represents the Dumbing of Society Project's most extreme brainwash victims. Since he gets all his information from mainstream media, he inevitably has a head full of fake news and Hollywood-generated hysteria.

Chester is afraid of the world and fears that his own neighborhood is a battle zone. Even though statistics show year after year that violent crime has come way down since the 1980s, people still believe crime is getting worse because of what they absorb from local and national TV news. Chester fails to use his own brain for critical thinking or questioning the news. He takes the more lazy approach, to just believe whatever propaganda is propagated thru the idiot box.

The reason Chester takes a lot of pharmaloonical drugs is because that's who the main sponsors are on news programs. In other words, people like Chester Commonfolk merge what is marketed as news with marketing itself, to come up with their distorted perspective of the world. Chester fears that violence is around every corner and that pharmaloonical products are the answer to his anxiety.

Here's a breakdown of what happens. Local TV news teams string together a dozen violent crime stories to kick off their newscasts. Even though there are only a few such cases per day, the constant barrage of several stories each night creates the impression that crime is getting worse and unstoppable. Big pharma loves this television programming formula because it allows them to reach a tense audience as it poses as the solution. It's a marketing prank that has worked for years.

Created by Alex Cosper