Learning About the Corrupt Pharma Industry
from Count Drugula

Count Drugula is a character I created to represent the dark side of the pharma industry. He is the head of a drug manufacturing company, but doesn't care much about saving lives. He uses the "we save lives" slogan to promote his drugs, but he knows deep down that his drugs don't do anything special and rely on the placebo effect. He's more concerned about profits than people's health, which is why he rushes new products to market without much testing.

He has created a market out of TV-brainwashed zombies who watch news programs, which are heavily sponsored by big pharma companies. His drug called Sunana is a hit because he regularly buys advertising time on local news shows across the country. Sunana is designed to treat anxiety by making the user feel as if they are floating on a cloud. Interestingly, the drug's psychoactive effective are strictly psychological and self-induced by power of suggestion.

After years of dabbling as a generic brand, Count Drugula bought out several drugmakers to form Count Drugula Labs. It's a large corporation that employs about 50,000 people. Although it's considered the leader in its industry, the company has a poor reputation among its customers. Many people call it a rip-off, but somehow the corporation still earns about $30 million per quarter. All Count Drugula cares about is profits and he'll take them anyway he can.

Somehow Count Drugula has managed to become a mythical character in society. On one hand, he gets a bad rap for constantly raising his prices on products that don't live up to their claims. On the other hand, every keeps hearing about him from all the gossip that he's a mad scientist. Some people assume he's a genius just because they see or hear his name mentioned in the media.

Everyone needs to understand that there's a little bit of Count Drugula in many prescription drug pushers. The job of these addiction promoters is to get as many people hooked on their drugs as possible, so that they can keep making their shareholders happy. Count Drugula is a billionaire but still wants to keep doubling profits. He's run out of health conditions to treat, so he's now at the stage of making up health problems so that he can market his solutions.

Created by Alex Cosper