Quitting a Corporate Job for Band Gigs

Dan Swilverton sits in a corp office all day posing as a prez even though it's a money-losing family biz. He gets a low hourly wage from his parents & tricks people into thinking he's rich. His dream is to spend more time with his band Culture of the Vulture & try to get them airplay on Trip 1000. On one hand he needs the regular income from work to pay the bills. On the other, he figures he can make just as much money - if not more - just by playing gigs.

The problem with Dan's thinking is that he assumes any band can get gigs when they want. He doesn't realize that there's actually competition among local bands to get gigs, since there are only so many venues that even do local shows. He'll find out the hard way how hard life is on the road. But the way Dan sees it, he's going to end up dying of boredom if he continues to work for his parents' accounting firm that has less and less clients each year due to more efficient online solutions.

The band Culture of the Vulture plays stripped down acoustic pop music. It's almost like songs you'd expect to hear on the radio, but too different to be appreciated by the gatekeepers. Then again, Trip 1000 plays a wide variety and is looking for local talent. Dan imagines if he can just get on the radio then everything else will fall into place.

"Time Clock Villains" is a song by Culture of the Vulture that Dan thinks deserves to get played in regular rotation. The song reflects his disappointing career in which financial bosses control his life. He wants to break free and run his own life, but the accounting firm has been a family biz for three generation. So he's afraid to let his family down just so he can explore his self-indulgent fantasies. There's a chance that if Dan leaves his parents' firm, the business will close, ending a 50-year tradition.

Created by Alex Cosper