Making Distant Musical Dreams Come True

The Desert Mirage Dreamers formed as a band because they couldn't stand what was supposedly popular. They each enjoyed classic songwriting in which lyrics tell an interesting story and melody has a memorable quality. The band revolves around singer Preston Williamston, who likes to give his commentary about the world between songs. Some say he tries to be a cult leader, but Preston insists he does not want to run for office or be considered a spokesman on his generation.

Several other indie bands have emerged that fit the description of the Desert Mirage Dreamers, who have zero fans online because they haven't bothered with marketing yet. They are more concerned about coming up with a new sound with a positive vibe that influences forward thinking and an upbeat attitude. The idea of music with substance being part of the mainstream hasn't been pushed by what's left of the music business community.

The band faces an uphill battle to get recognition, just because the entire radio industry has conditioned itself to be sponsor-friendly. The likelihood of hearing an hour long talk show about replacing chemical pollutants with more sustainable products is slim, unless it's paid programming. Preston realizes that music is a great way to convey important messages and that songs can attract attention to a brand or a cause. A lot of his songs were about the illusions painted by pop culture.

Created by Alex Cosper