Trump's State of the Union Speech Sends Message to Dr. Pusher

President Trump finally connected with deep thinkers who don't approve of the way big pharma rips off society. In his first State of the Union address on January 30, 2018, Trump declared that one of his greatest priorities is to bring prescription drug prices down. The next morning pharma stocks fell apart while the overall market was up. Bernie Sanders' rebuttal to the speech, however, pointed out that Trump hasn't done anything to lower pharma prices.

Trump had promised many times on the campaign trail that he would do something about reducing drug prices. Apparently a little less than half of the public liked Trump's speech, according to a CNN poll, which is about ten points higher than his average current approval rating.

What did not get mentioned by Trump or Bernie Sanders was the Dr. Pushers of the world. Dr Pusher is a cartoon character that represents a physician who takes bribes from pharma companies to prescribe their drugs. It's similar to when a radio station accepts money from a record label to promote a certain record. The patient, like the radio listener, doesn't know the difference, right? The difference is that the radio listener hears the song for free, whereas the patient has to pay for expensive marked up drugs that they may not need.

In 2018 over 60% of Americans do not have at least $1,000 in savings. Part of what has caused people to go broke is high health care and pharma costs. About 95% of hospital visits are for non-emergencies. Somewhere in the math it should be evident that big pharma makes big profits off perceptions since most people don't really need all those drugs. If people focused on a healthy lifestyle by eating more earthy foods and getting regular exercise, they probably wouldn't be hooked on multiple synthetic pharma drugs.

The problems that Dr. Pusher brings to society should be hot topics in the media, but they're not since health care and pharma companies spend big money on advertising. Consumers need to become more aware of the relationship between the media, big pharma and Dr. Pusher, who is only allowed to prescribe drugs authorized by the medical industry. What they forgot to teach society was that the modern medical industry of the past century has direct ties with the oil industry, as many prescription drugs are based on petrochemicals.

What's troubling about the pharma biz is that it spends more money on marketing than research and development. It's clear that the pharma biz has succeeded at driving prices higher in America than in most other countries, while failing to find cures for common illnesses. The idea of commercialized medicine mixed with bribery just doesn't sound appealing once you consider how the best interests of patients aren't always in mind. Commercialized medicine, unfortunately falls into the trap of benefitting from making money off illnesses, instead of putting an end to them.

Dr. Pusher is a wealthy republican but was shocked by Trump's speech. She didn't expect him to even bring up the pharma industry. Although the pharma industry favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in terms of contributions, republicans like Dr. Pusher voted for Trump because of his tax cuts for the rich. She's very greedy and cares more about the perks that come with the work than the actual work itself.

Created by Alex Cosper