Questions Only a Gatekeeper Can Answer

"Gatekeeper" is the name of a new cartoon character that enters the Illoogle universe on September 16, 2017. He's the gatekeeper for the corp/govt and the mainstream media. In other words, he's the guy you have to go through to get on TV or in the headlines. He works closely with PR firms that have annual media budgets. His job is to keep as many educated people out of the media as possible. It's a way to control the national narrative, so that everyone is on the same page and operating within the "dumbing of society" agenda.

He started out working as a worker for state fairs and carnivals. The more he traveled from fair to fair, the more he became acquainted with executives who were tied into community affairs. He was able to learn the art of corporate psychobabble and trick organizations into signing big contracts with events he represented. Next thing you know he became the guy local media sought to interview for promoting local events. Eventually he climbed the corporate ladder as he impressed execs how his goofy lovable personality was an effective distraction from his skills as a con artist, convincing organizations they had zero cred if they didn't buy an expensive booth at fairs and trade shows.

TV production companies and advertisers began hiring him as a branding consultant, as he was able to shape the successful advertising for big companies, while draining the budgets of smaller companies who couldn't afford sufficient advertising. The entertainment biz noticed he played a big role in making BigBiz more corporate and dumbed down, while pushing small biz out of mainstream consciousness. Large corps hired him to implement his theories that people buy products based on "monkey see/monkey do" behavior. His theory is if you add canned laughter to a dumb joke, dummies are more likely to laugh along.

Today Gatekeeper works with broadcasting execs, sponsors and the intelligence biz to filter out any type of media programming that might wake up the masses. He decides what shows and personalities get to be on TV, along with which recording artists get to be signed. One of his strict policies is that all entertainers must follow the established order of the military industrial complex and Wall Street's philosophy of increasing mass production. Synthetics and materialism are what he promotes in programming to connect lifestyle with consumerism. The goal is to treat media programming like filler and to make commercials the focal point.

As far as national news reporting, Gatekeeper often boasts how he "put a good word in" for CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who admits on the network's website that he started his career as a CIA intern. Cooper had no previous media journalism background prior to being hired by the network for an outrageous overpaid salary. Gatekeeper smiles when media critics complain about the decline of investigative reporting. He says "deep state media helps keep society in line with establishment conformity." He's proud to admit that his careful selection of who gets to be on TV is closely intertwined with the Dumbing of Society Project.

Some of the most common questions he gets on his blog on how to become a media star are:

How does one go about becoming a movie or TV star?
What type of training is involved with becoming a TV news anchor?
When is it too late to quit your real job and become a media clown?

Only Gatekeeper can answer these puzzling questions, since he's one of the few people who knows the inside track. His advice is "be upbeat and corporate-like ... and don't take left-wing progressivism too seriously." He laughs at people who say the media has a left-wing bias, since the real goal is commercialism that exploits society and resources.

Created by Alex Cosper