How Will You Remember President George H.W. Bush? (12/11/18)

ARCHIE BONKER: The world will never be the same without him. He was a true war hero in World War II and in Iraq. Social liberals and the left wing media tried to snub him because they hate freedom fighters. If not for him we'd all be speaking Arabic right now. He saved the world from Saddam Hussein, so we should be thankful for his service.
ACOUSTIC ANGELO: I'll remember him mostly as a warmonger and a war criminal. He killed thousands of innocent civilians, not just in Iraq, but in Panama as well. I have family in Central America and many of my brothers and sisters were terrorized by this creep, who killed about 3,000 Panamanians just to arrest his drug trafficking partner General Manuel Noriega. It was all part of a big cover-up to deflect from his drug trafficking schemes, kind of like the phony war on drugs.
RUDY RIDDLER: Even though I like Trump much better, there's still something in my heart for Bush. His funeral was monumental but it was sad to see the Clintons, Obamas and Carters there. Each of those failures were trying to associate with the Bush legacy so they don't end up on the wrong side of history. I understand he liked to grab women's butts so that made him a good ol' boy.
FREEDOM CHAMP: Bush should have been thrown in jail for his illegal invasions of Iraq and Panama. He was also a shady CIA Director. He surrounded himself with the same crooked creeps from the Nixon and Reagan administrations. First Bush said he was pro-choice then flipped to anti-abortion, so it was clear he was two-faced. I'm glad he was a failed one term president and that's how I think most historians will remember him.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: I voted for Clinton in 1992, but it was a tough choice since Bush and Perot were also very qualified for the office. But since they don't make 3-sided coins, I decided to flip a coin between the two major party candidates and it just happened to be Clinton. I could've easily voted for Bush.
AGELESS REBEL: I'm surprised he didn't have to face criminal charges for the Iran-Contra scandal. I kept thinking both he and Reagan would go down for illegally trading arms for hostages, which Reagan even admitted on TV. Next thing you know Bush gets elected president. Then he starts bombing countries like it was Vietnam all over again. I'll mostly remember him as a warmonger whose family has profited off wars for four generations.
JOE 12-PACK: Everyone needs to shut up about Bush and just respect the office of the president ... except when someone like Obama gets elected. We were lucky to have both Bushes as presidents since they brought honesty and integrity back to the White House.
CLAIRE TYLER-BRYANT: I did some serious research on the whole Bush crime family and I was shocked the media hasn't talked much about their super shady background. His dad Prescott helped finance the Nazis in World War II then became the Senator from Connecticut. He also helped bring Nixon into politics, so Nixon returned the favor to the Bushes by bringing George into his administration as UN Ambassador. He was friends with all these oil executives, like John Hinckley Sr., the father of the guy who shot Reagan. And mainstream media has nothing to say about that.
REPTILIAN LOGIC REDUCER: I don't follow politics much because I care more about TV shows, which I watch all day long. I remember Dana Carvey doing imitations of Bush on Saturday Night Live. Those were funny skits, and Carvey was really good with the hand gestures. I seem to remember he made fun of Bush for saying "read my lips, no new taxes." Then Bush raised taxes, which was great for comedy shows. Now that his funeral was attended by five U.S. presidents, I guess he was a hero after all.
TRAVIS KWAMBERRA: Bush was not a friend to the world, he was an oil polluter who tried to steal oil from the Middle East. People should read up on his corrupt buddies like Oliver North and Caspar Weinberger. I don't think we've ever had a president as corrupt as George Herbert Warmonger Bush.
SKULL THUGGERY: I respect anyone who starts oil wars and then blames a stooge like Saddam Hussein, who our government supported in the 80s when we were getting back at Iran for holding hostages. They were still grumpy how we overthrew their government in the 50s so we can control their oil. They need to get used to the fact that we're the policemen of the world and we decide who controls oil. Bush was a champ of the military industrial complex and we should be proud of the fact we can bomb the hell out of anyone we want.

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