How Much Longer Do You Think the Government Shutdown Will Last? (01/25/19)

ACOUSTIC ANGELO: It's been going on for over a month, but I've heard that Trump and the democrats have reached a temporary deal. His idea of feeding federal workers with fast food shows you how uninformed he is about nutrition. He's the last guy anyone should listen to about anything.
RUDY RIDDLER: Trump's not gonna cave in. He wants his wall and he doesn't wanna negotiate with socialists about it. I would expect the government to be shut down the rest of the year since the democrats aren't gonna compromise. But who cares? The government works for us and if I had complete control there wouldn't be any government.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: I get the feeling the government shutdown will go on the rest of Trump's term. He doesn't seem to care about the 800,000 federal workers who aren't getting paid. From what I can see there's no reason for the shutdown other than Trump's ego is playing games with the American people. I expect federal workers to see the Trump administration for back pay.
COUNT DRUGULA: I hope the shutdown lasts for years because it helps big pharma sales, at least in theory. In the past economic strangleholds have played an important role in pharma profits. These days medical marijuana threatens to take away billions from our industry during this shutdown. Don't be surprised if I start investing more in cannabis than big pharma.
AGELESS REBEL: I don't think Trump's shutdown will last much longer. It's definitely not helping his poll numbers. He's mostly been a sideshow president like at a circus. He's the big distraction to make you forget we're all being ripped off. His act is easy to see through if you've been around like I have. Both parties like gridlock. They get paid either way.
CLAIRE TYLER-BRYANT: Trump must not care about his approval ratings because they're as low they can be. His lack of concern for even his own political position make him a wildcard. Anything can happen during his administration because he's more of an actor than an actual leader.

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