The Week Alex Jones and Bill O'Reilly Got Nailed

The week following Easter Sunday 2017 has been a fun time for people who can't stand right wing talk show hosts. On Monday April 17 conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was officially exposed as a phony then two days later Fox News terminated conservative loudmouth Bill O'Reilly.

What's significant is both O'Reilly and Jones have millions of followers, but both are having pie in the face weeks. Then again, you'd have to be thoroughly brainwashed to religiously follow these right wing propaganda blabbermouths. Both have a history of stretching the truth and bending it into a pretzel.

O'Reilly has been facing sexual misconduct allegations for over a decade while Jones has been wrong about a series of hysterical "new world order" predictions and false speculation. Recently he predicted there would be an assassination attempt at Trump's inauguration and that Julian Assange might be dead after WikiLeaks exposed democratic party corruption. Just last month Jones apologized for his coverage of the fake "pizzagate" scandal.

The main reason O'Reilly's show is annoying to many people is that he has frequently interrupted interviewees and takes staunch uncompromising right wing positions. If you believe he's one of the architects of the dumbing of society project, you're on the right track. TV talk shows in general have degenerated to the point of two people talking at once without much intellect being exchanged. If you think that's what classic argumentation or debate is supposed to be about, you need a better education.

For those who think Fox News did the right thing based on ethics, it's only fair to report that they've had over a dozen years to contemplate this decision and waited until 50 sponsors boycotted the show. That's proof that media answers to advertisers more than to the audience.

Created by Alex Cosper