Do You Support Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh? (09/30/18)

ACOUSTIC ANGELO: Not at all. He seems like one of the good ole boy elites from Yale. We need down to earth people running our government, not out of touch elites. The rich clubbers have already shown all their cards, that they are about enriching themselves and their fellow clubbers, not the people.
RUDY RIDDLER: He seems like an ok choice to me. He seems honest and has conservative values. I don't pay attention to stuff that happened over 30 years ago. That's ancient history. Just because a woman may not have liked him back then, doesn't mean that should factor into a Supreme Court decision. Seems like a democratic witch hunt.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: The FBI should at least conduct an investigation so that we can find out the truth about these sexual misconduct allegations. I'm willing to support Kavanaugh if it turns out the allegations are false, and that's as deep as I get on this topic. I'm more concerned with sitcoms when it comes to TV personalities.
FREEDOM CHAMP: Horrible choice by Trump, even if none of the sexual misconduct rumors are true. This guy leans hard right. I thought the Supreme Court was supposed to be way beyond politics, but obviously that's just another big lie we've been fed about how democracy works.
AGELESS REBEL: I can remember the freewheelin' early 80s when a lot of people - both hippies and straights - were involved in all kinds of sex dramas. I never saw perversion as part of the movement for social change. It was more of a Hollywood thing or a mass marketing thing since sex sells. Kavanaugh seems like one of the regular old perverts of that era and doesn't seem in tune with higher consciousness.
JOE 12-PACK: People should just leave Kavanaugh alone and let him join the Supreme Court. After all, he was nominated by Trump, who's busy draining the swamp and trying to make America great again. So I'm for whoever the president picks.
CLAIRE TYLER-BRYANT: Kavanaugh needs to be deeply investigated, not just by the FBI, but other independent agencies. Even if he's not confirmed by the Senate, he still needs to be investigated about mistreating women back in the 80s. The MeToo movement is gaining steam and will only get stronger as we weed out these immoral sex offenders from government and business.
ARCHIE BONKER: This witch hunt has gone too far already. Kavanaugh testified before the Senate and debunked all the complaints of his accusers. Now we need to move on with government before the country falls apart even more from all the terrible things Obama did.
SKULL THUGGERY: The Senate should just can the FBI investigation and confirm Kavanaugh. Sex scandals have nothing to do with fixing the government that Obama broke. We can talk about that later after Hollywood makes movies about the transition to Trump making America great again. Kavanaugh comes from Yale, where a lot of my Skull & Bones buddies come from, so he's got my approval.
VERMONT VINNIE: Democrats should try to stall the confirmation vote until after the November election. There's a chance they can win back the Senate and then end this nightmare by voting against Kavanaugh. Should be an easy slam dunk, considering how badly Trump has flopped and how low his approval ratings are. But somehow democrats find ways to lose easy victories, which is how Trump became president. What we really need are more independents.

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