Green Companies are Saving the Environment

Milton Vonray (pictured above) is the CEO of a green company called Vonray Earth, which manufactures a wide range of hemp and cannabis products. Despite being a cartoon, Vonray opens up the topic of the medical and economic benefits of both hemp and marijuana. Vonray sees legal cannabis becoming a $100 billion industry some day, meaning there will be plenty of jobs and investment opportunties in the plant's future.

Vonray notices that the popularity of cannabis has attracted many "sideshow phonies" (as he calls them) to the scene. He says a lot of fly-by-night operations are getting into the cannabis biz just to make fast cash then exit the market, not caring about who they serve or anything else but the money. Another thing that bothers him is the fact that big tobacco companies, the liars who have duped and killed millions of people, want a piece of the cannabis action. Just as bad, Big Pharma and Big Alcohol both want to get involved with cannabis products. Next thing you know candy companies will want to manufacture cannabis edibles.

Meanwhile, a growing crop of progressive enterprises are showcasing greener thinking on multiple levels. The greenest buildings in America have a LEED certification, which asserts that the building is made of eco-friendly materials. Sustainability reports are starting to surface from corporations as a measure of social responsibility to protect the environment and reduce waste. The old world of capitalist greed is transforming into a paradigm that integrates socialist and nature-friendly principles.

With the recent bipartisan passage of the Farm Act of 2018, which allows farmers to grow legal hemp in the United States, many new products are headed for the market. Hemp will help farmers economically since an acre of hemp yields more useful products than any other crop imaginable. Vonray has decided he wants to sell hempcrete building blocks, which are fireproof bricks partly made of hemp. He says that hempcrete can save lives, which is important to consider following the fire that burned down nearly the entire town of Paradise, California in 2018.

Unlike the fly-by-night con artists, Vonray truly believes he is helping save the environment and he is sincerely dedicated to the organic lifestyle, which includes cannabis. He says "it's a gentle yet powerful plant that takes the mind through doors that aren't normally seen." Even though Vonray despises the stock market, he has seen pot stocks pop up and down like popcorn the past year and thinks his company can gain massive funding by going public. At the same time, deep down inside he's a small biz believer who doesn't want to be rich, but just wants to help people feel better.

Created by Alex Cosper