Do you think organic food is healthier than conventional supermarket food? (1/14/18)

BIRDSY BIRDSONG: I eat mostly sunflower seeds and any scavenger food I happen to find. I can't stand the GMO biz. I tell all my flocks to stay away from Monsanto fields. The FDA doesn't even do their job regulating genetically-modified seeds. Birds could do a better job weeding out the bad seeds.
ACOUSTIC ANGELO: Organic food is all I eat. You'll never find me hanging out at a fast food restaurant. I play trashy dive bars here and there but at least they pay me and I don't have to eat their toxic trash.
AGENT CROWSLEY: My team is currently investigating companies that fraudulently label conventional food as organic food. We don't think it's that big of a fraud - certainly not as big as big pharma. I myself don't have time to worry about what I eat. My high salary allows me to eat out every night at steakhouses, which I doubt are organic.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: No, I don't really view organic as any different from conventional food except that it costs more. They've done lots of studies that prove there's nothing unhealthy about junk food. Mainstream media doesn't talk much about organic food, so it must just have limited appeal with underground people.
COUNT DRUGULA: I always urge our customers to stick with what they see advertised on TV in terms of what's healthy. If you don't see certain drugs or food on TV, chances are there's a good reason for that. Always beware of things on the shelf that you've never heard of because there's a chance it's some counterfeit brand trying to rip off big biz.
AGELESS REBEL: I've tried to make the transition to organic because it's healthier, but I was raised on burgers, fries and soda. I kind of flash back a lot to the fifties and sixties when there was all that imagery of hamburger stands taking over our culture. Then I have to remind myself I was completely misled by big biz burger culture. Now I'm about 50-50 between organic and junk food.
PROPAZOMBIE: I just eat what's advertised on TV. I don't trust any other food. If regular food were bad for you, why would it be on TV? Everything on TV is regulated to make sure it's safe for public consumption. The FDA wouldn't let junk food restaurants exist if they were bad for your health.
DR. SKULL QUACKERY: So much misinformation has infiltrated the media. As long as you take your pharma drugs as prescribed by your doctor, you don't have to worry about what you eat. You can eat as much processed cancer-causing foods as you want and the health effects will be handled by the pharma industry.
BURGERHEAD JUNKIE: I just eat what tastes good. Who cares about what's healthy? You only live once, so get into the habit of enjoying life. Let your taste buds guide your judgement. Don't worry about sugar, calories, sodium or all that other scientific mumbo jumbo. Eat what makes you feel good and don't feel ashamed to eat as much as your heart desires.
CARRIE ANN SAVANT: Yes, I mostly eat organic food and I think it's much healthier than conventional food. I've been involved with a lot of substantial repeated nutrition studies that support the claim that organic food is healthier. I also believe that fresh local organic produce is among the healthiest food people can eat.

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