What Stock Market Watchers Predicted for Spotify

On April 4, 2018, the day of Spotify's market debut, 9 stock market panelists from PeerAmid Island were interviewed by Illoogle about where Spotify's stock price would be at the end of the month. On opening day the price was $165 while on April 30, 2018 the price closed above 161. For those who would call the move "flat," the most correct answer came from Flatty Arbible, who said the price would stay between 150 and 165.

Dr. Birdsy Birdsong did not call the correct price range by saying it would be between 130 and 140, but accurately said that the high for the month was in on day one. Another correct prediction came from Shorty Hedges, who expected the price would be lower, although he predicted it to be much lower between 120 and 130. Two panelists who were completely off the mark were Gorilla Marketer (predicted over 165) and Chester Commonfolk who thought it would get as high as $1000.

Previously, Birdsong was correct at calling the 2018 Super Bowl winner, the Philadelphia Eagles, before the conference championship games as well as correctly predicting Bitcoin's 2017 yearend price a month earlier. While each panel varies on Illoogle cartoon predictions, Birdsong has emerged as the most reliable forecaster so far. To be fair, this was the first panel for Flatty Arbible and Shorty Hedges. The main reason why most of the panel was skeptical of Spotify despite the media hype is because it's not profitable and has billions in debt.

ere were the predictions earlier this month:

Blogger From Nowhere - Below 100
Old World Banker - 100-120
Shorty Hedges - 120-130
Birdsy Birdsong - 130-140
Agent Crowsley - 140-150
Flatty Arbible - 150-165
Gorilla Marketer - 165-200
Chester Commonfolk - 200-1000
Burgerhead Junkie - over 1000

April 3, 2019 opening day following IPO: 165.90 (high 169, close 149)

April 30, 2018 closing price: 161.67

Created by Alex Cosper