Sgt. Pepper Returns at Age 50

I decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cultural landmark Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with a video review of the original LP. I haven't rushed out to buy the deluxe boxset that contains lots of unreleased versions partly because I recognize it as hyper marketing, but also because I'm satisfied with the band's original work. I feel their music never died anyway and seems like it will live forever. I'm not putting down the box set at all. It's actually smart marketing. I'm just saying I already have what I need.

Slipping In Acid Talk

Basically I went through each track of the original album and gave my song-by-song comments. When I got to "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" I mentioned the rumor that it was a code for "LSD." But I explained how Lennon denied it and said it was based on a picture made by his young son Julian. Then I couldn't resist throwing in the declassified fact that LSD was originally unleashed by the CIA on college campuses during the sixties and that Lennon even credited the agency for it in a 1980 Playboy interview.

Why Sgt. Pepper Lives On

I only scratched the surface why this monumental album remains relevant after 50 years. The original video was 30 minutes but I edited out all kinds of rambling to keep it more to the point. I believe it's the most influential album in history for many reasons, such as:

No singles were released from the album, making it more of an album than the standard package of hits and filler songs

There were no filler songs on the album, as it was stacked with wall to wall quality songs

The album cover art was remarkable, featuring a wide cast of famous characters, giving the impression of a snapshot of society

Sound effects added to the musical experience, especially the opening crowd

Even though there were no singles, every track has hit quality and is widely remembered

The album - whether intentional or not - has interesting social themes that tie it all together as a cohesive concept

The music is timeless and represents multiple eras and styles, from classical to marching band to big band to pop to rock to psychedelia

"Within You, Without You" is one of the most mind-blowing songs in history about the meaning of life

The entire album is melodically rich with a wide variety of instrumentation and arrangements

"A Day In The Life" is an incredibly hypnotic track that raises questions about everyday pop culture illusions

Created by Alex Cosper