How Phil Anthropist Poses as a Charity

Phil Anthropist is really a big investor posing as a non-profit charity organization. The way he's pulled it off is to give 5% of his stock portfolio earnings to a charity. He claims to help fund a children's organization that helps poor kids in third world countries. But the truth is, it's all a big prank to get out of paying taxes. Of the money he sends to the charity, 75% is kicked back to him through his offshore shell corporations.

You may ask why doesn't mainstream media or the corp/govt investigate Mr. Anthropist? It's because he gives huge campaign donations to both major parties through multiple entities. They can't afford to lose him as a donor. Phil bases his stock trades exclusively on insider tips he gets from his Wall Street buds. They go way back and have a close relationship. He became a billionaire in the 2008 financial meltdown by shorting the market (betting it would collapse). For many years he ran a high-profile hedge fund. After the crash he launched his non-profit organization called the Anthropist Foundation.

Phil was born into wealth during the Great Depression. His dad was a stock broker on Wall Street who also enjoyed a huge payday by shorting the market just prior to the 1929 market crash. He based the trade on insider tips from his Wall Street buds, who caused the crash by yanking out huge blocks of money, then buying all sorts of companies for pennies on the dollar after the market collapse. Phil earned a degree in Economics from Yale in 1956.

His first job was working for a bank as a teller, right out of college. Since his dad knew the CEO, he was able to pull strings and move up the corporate ladder quickly. By 1960 Phil became a fund manager based in Manhattan. Prior to the escalation of the Vietnam War in the mid-sixties, he made huge investments in defense contractors. By the end of the sixties he was a millionaire who owned four homes and two yachts.

Over the years he was able to expand his annual income, especially after oil was deregulated in the late seventies and early eighties. As an oil investor through 2007, he was able to hire a staff of 50 traders at his hedge fund. Today he spends most of his time sailing or laying out by the pool drinking cocktails. He has been married five times and has 20 kids from those marriages. One of his goals is to convince the film industry to make a movie about his life. He has set aside over $200 million to invest in the project.

Created by Alex Cosper