How do you feel about Trump's strict immigration policies? (06/27/18)

ACOUSTIC ANGELO: Trump needs to broaden his awareness a big on who is neighbors are. He's so busy being a racist he forgets how much Mexico has helped US corporations by providing cheap labor, thanks to NAFTA, which he talks trash about. Trump is mean. If he doesn't know Mexicans are trying to escape violence, he's dumber than I thought.
RUDY RIDDLER: People need to quit ripping on Trump just because he's got different ideas. He's our legitimate president, so we should back him because he's our leader. He's trying to crack down on illegal immigration. Liberals need to stop trying to turn this into a political issue.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: It broke my heart that Trump started separating immigrant children from their parents. It was nice to see Trump reverse that policy. I guess Trump's the first president to make a big deal about immigrants. I was previously unaware there was a problem.
FREEDOM CHAMP: We all come from families that immigrated to America at one time or another. I always grew up believing in what I was told that America is the land of the free, only to find out that all it takes is one lunatic to undo hundreds of years worth of progress toward freedom.
JOE 12-PACK: People need to back off Trump. He's only doing his job trying to make America great again. I can't stand all this fake news that he's trying to hurt America's image. Obama set up the detention camps all wrong, so Trump's trying to straighten it out.
CLAIRE TYLER-BRYANT: Trump has brought a lot of pain to families. He doesn't seem to do his homework to find out that most of these Mexican immigrants are trying to escape violent drug cartels. Trying to punish victims is as cruel as a government official can get.
TRAVIS KWAMBERRA: We need progressive immigration laws, not policies that take America back to the 1920s when racist president Calvin Coolidge made it tough for non-whites to enter our country. Please, no more racist noise. All it takes is a few seconds of deep thought to realize we're all part of the same family.

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