Who Do You Think Will Win Super Bowl LIII? (01/06/19)

BIRDSY BIRDSONG: I was right last year, so I'll go with the Philadelphia Eagles again this year. I think they've finally tapped into bird knowledge and know how to beat anybody. Nick Foles is the smartest QB who knows how to trick defenses. Keep in mind the Eagles are still the defending champs.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: I think the New England Patriots will win another Super Bowl just because they're good at winning big games. Brady is a legend and you should never bet against him. I think he was meant to go out a champion. I forget how many Super Bowls he's won - but I know it's a bunch.
FREEDOM CHAMP: I'm with the L.A. Rams, mostly because they've outplayed everyone week after week. For one thing, L.A. is one of the freedom capitals of the world, which gives the team a lot of extra strength. I think they'll win big in the Super Bowl whoever they play because they have one of the best running backs ever, Todd Gurley.
QB LEFTY: I usually look for left-handed QBs, but we haven't had any in awhile. Kellen Moore used to be a left-handed QB for the Dallas Cowboys and now he's the team's QB coach, so that gives them the creative edge to beat anyone. I almost had a heart attack when the Cowboys almost lost to the Seahawks in Round 1 of the playoffs, but I think they'll do fine from now on.
DJ PARTY BOSS: I think it comes down to which town likes to party the most, which helps define commmunity spirit. New Orleans is one of the top party towns in the USA, especially leading up to Mardi Gras, so I'm going with the Saints.
FOOTBALL FREAK: I'm with the L.A. Chargers. They've surprised the critics all season. I know, they naturally had an easy schedule because they got to play the Raiders twice, plus they played other weak teams like the 49ers, the Cardinals, Bills and Browns. They just happened to luck out with an easy schedule, but I still think they can beat anyone in the Super Bowl.
ARCHIE BONKER: I go with the team that plays the most conservative football. I don't really follow football that much anymore since all that kneeling overshadowed the game, but I know that Indianapolis is in a fairly conservative part of the country, so I'm picking the Colts to go all the way.
NU GEN SUPERSTAR: I've been watching KC all year and think they've played flawlessly. They proved they can go neck-and-neck with the best teams like the Rams and Patriots. They beat all kinds of tough teams like the Chargers and Steelers. They blew out the Raiders in the season finale, so I think they're ready for the playoffs.

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