What did you think of Trump's meeting with Putin in Russia? (07/22/18)

RUDY RIDDLER: It was one of the defining moments in modern history. Trump clearly made peace with Russia and now we can all relax there won't be a nuclear war. The meeting should help Trump's poll numbers and might even be the key to him getting re-elected. First he made peace with North Korea and now Russia. Trump might be remembered as the greatest peacemaker we've ever seen.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: I think it's a disgrace that Trump failed his assignment, which was to tell Putin not to meddle with our elections. I can not believe how Trump won't just go along with the intelligence agencies, who all say the same thing, that Putin did in fact interfere with the 2016 election. Trump is obviously part of some cover-up.
COUNT DRUGULA: Trump has been acting very strange lately, almost like an MK Ultra victim. If you don't know what that means, MK Ultra was a CIA mind control program from the 50s through the 70s. It's what fueled the hippy movement except it backfired because acid didn't make people want to go to war. When Trump says Russia didn't meddle one day and did the next, that's an indicator he's been drugged.
AGELESS REBEL: Trump is obviously shady because of who he is and who he hangs around with. But I've got nothing against making peace with the Russians. Isn't that the solution? I've been calling for world peace since the sixties. Look, I didn't vote for Trump, but I believe in democracy and due process. Let's not start calling people traitors based on propaganda. Trump will likely not get re-elected, because everything he does is so unpopular.
JOE 12-PACK: The deep state is trying to attack Trump any way they can. They're trying to smear him because he's been able to accomplish what the deep state hasn't: good relations with Russia and North Korea. People need to not be so gullible as to believe everything they hear and see in mainstream media. So much of it is fake news.
PROPAZOMBIE: Trump clearly showed himself as someone who would rather be friends with the enemy than his own people. It's hard to believe he's still president. He needs to be impeached right away. I guarantee he'll be gone by the end of the year. We have go to stop Trump and put up a stronger resistance. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a traitor.
SUPER POLLUTER: We, the oil biz, win no matter who is president. I care not who is a nation's leader if I am with the team that controls the economy. The US has a partnership with Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries to control the oil in Syria. Since Syria is Russia's ally, that's why the military industrial complex has racheted up tough talk with Putin.
SKULL THUGGERY: You have to excuse Trump. He was going way off-script, plus had no business meeting with Putin in the first place. The military industrial complex has everything under control. We need tension with Russia to start another cold war, which is good for the economy, at least the oil and defense industries. If we can get rid of Trump, fine, we've got a bigger corporatist waiting in the wings.

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