A Place Called PeerAmid Island

PeerAmid Island is where all these Illoogle characters come from. It's a place inside my imagination that resembles a lot of what happens here in the real world. The main difference is everyone on the island lives inside a pyramid that they never see beyond. It's because their corp/govt doesn't want them to know there's a world outside of the carefully constructed boundaries of the island.

The object is to move up the island's hierarchy and be favored by "the dream team." Most of the characters are oblivious to the fact that they are trapped in a world they cannot escape. They even laugh at "conspiracy theorists" who hint at a better world beyond the island. People on the island are controlled to want to work as slaves for big corporations, as the island covers several thousand miles and is surrounded by ice.

The song "PeerAmid Island" tells the story of how people grow up on the island facing peer pressure and try to be noticed by the crowd. But only certain people are recognized while the rest is "just an audience." It's kind of the same world as America except that the pharmaceutical industry is known as the "pharmaloonical biz." Everyone kind of knows that the root of a lot of dementia on the island is directly traced to prescription drugs.

The president of the island is just a puppet of the top rulers of the pyramid, who go back centuries. It's basically about 200 wealthy families that decide the laws on the island and who gets to be part of "the club." Evan Springer Satanica is a well-known figure within the culture because people have heard stories how, as a government spy, he's spied on many citizens by hacking into computers.

Carrie Ann Savant is one of the few clear-minded people on the island who isn't brainwashed by the corp/govt. She's an independent journalist who writes about corruption. She's one of the few truthful journalists on the island, which otherwise absorbs lots of mainstream media propaganda. Little do most of the residents know, they are being poisoned by the corp/govt with GMOs and other untested chemicals.

Created by Alex Cosper