Why You Shouldn't Trust Rudy Riddler

Many times people watch TV informercials and perceive them to be news programs. Rudy Ridler is the master at that type of facade. After falling for a string of fraudulent infomercials about how to get out of credit card debt, Rudy finally realized that he had been played like a cracked fiddle. So he started his own scam to try to cash in by creating get rich scheme informercials that promoted his poorly written book.

He charges $99 for the book, but if you act now instead of a month from now you'll get an amazing deal, since the price will return to $999. The 10-page booklet is a list of summaries about his other books that each cost $999.

Rudy is unaware of regulations about false advertising, as he has never bothered to do any research with the Federal Trade Commission. He's more concerned about making a fast buck. He's not concerned about who gets fooled, since he's still sore about how badly he was fooled. So far he's been able to fool about 50 people and none of them have yet complained.

The entire book What's The Fastest Way To Wealth? was written off the top of his head based on a few articles he read in financial publications. On page one he mainly appealed to people's financial despair and the feeling of what it's like to scrape up money just to pay cost of living expenses. Midway through the book he talks about how there's light at the end of the financial tunnel.

The final few pages explain how to get rich from the stock market, forgetting to mention that it's a rigged game controlled by big Wall Street players. He also failed to mention that it takes a big block of capital investment to really make a living off the stock market. He figures people will just try it, lose or stay flat and then tell themselves it's not for them. So far no one has reported Rudy's false advertising to authorities - especially not the local TV station running his infomercial.

Created by Alex Cosper