Media Blackout of Ruby and Oswald

When Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald on live TV, it marked the beginning of a perception that a news program is the real world as it happens. It was the first time in history that a person was murdered in front of a live television audience, so it became an important time-marker.

Despite this historic event, major media outlets have downplayed Ruby or Oswald as interesting characters to explore. The most interesting part of this story that the media tries to forget about is that Jack Ruby was a mobster who ran a strip club that treated local policemen as royalty. That's the easy part of the puzzle that explains why Ruby was allowed to hang around the Dallas police station as if he were a cop himself.

The more blurred part of the story is that Ruby knew Oswald, as some of Ruby's employees have stated on film. Another compelling dimension is how Ruby changed his story. First he said the reason he shot Oswald was to spare Jackie the grief of returning to Dallas for a trial. Later he changed his story, implying that LBJ was involved in the murder when he told reporters that JFK would not have been killed had Adlai Stevenson been his VP.

Another curious dimension to Jack Ruby is his alleged connections with Richard Nixon and Prescott Bush. A black and white photo has circulated online of a 1940s meeting between the three individuals. One of the biggest mysteries of the JFK assassination was the multiple strange deaths of witnesses and people who contradicted the Warren Report. TV journalist Dorothy Kilgallen, who appeared on the popular TV show What's My Line? was found dead after she told people she interviewed Jack Ruby and was about to break the case wide open.

The biggest question any researchers have about Ruby is: what role did he play in the JFK assassination? He obviously played a major role in the cover-up. But why Jack Ruby? And why was Oswald set up? One of the most consistent theories is that Ruby's close ties with the Dallas police point to why he was used in the plot. Ruby is also often fingered by conspiracy theorists as the guy who planted the "magic bullet" on Kennedy's stretcher.

Created by Alex Cosper