What's your opinion on the media's Russiagate conspiracy theories? (2/27/18)

AGENT CROWSLEY: It's part of my job to keep up with Russiagate. Obviously, Mueller's 13 indictments of Russians takes us closer to the conclusion of Donald Trump's term as president. The case for corruption has been told repeatedly by MSNBC and CNN, so a lot of people know that Trump is in deep water.
EVAN SPRINGER SATANICA: Trump's been set up by the deep state. I can't say more than that. But what the deep state really wants is Pence to be in the White House. The right wing establishment would get a lot more done that way.
BIRDSY BIRDSONG: I don't follow Russiagate because it seems like just a media story to hook humans into watching more TV. Birds don't watch TV but we do pick up on human chatter in public places like outdoor restaurants. From what I gather, most humans hate Trump.
ACOUSTIC ANGELO: I don't pay attention to any of that political garbage. I focus more on what I can do for others and the causes I believe in. I've lined up some acoustic shows at local venues. I raise consciousness through my music, whereas politics mostly teaches people about fraud and bribery.
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CARRIE ANN SAVANT: Basically, Russiagate is a giant rabbit hole that keeps the media busy with stories. Other than that, it appears to me that the DNC and Hillary Clinton, after rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders, are just using Russiagate to cover up their corruption and the fact that they ran a weak campaign that seemed to target Republicans more than Democrats.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: Russiagate is real. Why else would Rachel Maddow talk about it every night on her show? We need to impeach Trump, who wasn't even really elected. Hillary got something like 3 million more votes than Trump. For all the Putinbots out there, we caught the 13 Russians who bought the Facebook ads that threw the election to Trump.
BURGERHEAD JUNKIE: A lot of people are jealous of Trump because he's such a successful businessman. And you know what? He loves fast food, making him just like the common man. It takes a daring person to eat as much heart attack food as Trump. For all we know he's doing business with the Russians to open up more American fast food chains in the global market.
MILLENNIAL MASTERMIND: The DNC was not hacked, there was a leak shortly before DNC employee Seth Rich was murdered. I'm surprised that's not the story that's in the headlines every day. Instead, it's this ridiculous story about 13 Russians who worked for a web marketing company. Mueller can indict them all he wants but they will never stand trial in America, plus most of the Facebook ads they bought were after the election.

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