The Power of Characters Within Characters

Sandy Sorenole, a cartoon created by Alex Cosper, is a character within a character. In the cartoon world she exists as a fantasy inside the mind of Sleepy Rider, who regularly commutes on long train rides. He imagines Sandy to be the leader of his favorite group of people: environmentalists.

Sleepy Rider also dreams about being the lead singer of a band who has a popular hit called "Smile In The Dark." The song has been played on imaginary station Trip 1000 hundreds of times. It's one of the most requested songs from weddings to wineries.

The idea of a character within a character implies there is something unusual about the main character's profile. In this case, Sleepy Rider lives in a dream world, but gains from documenting his fantasies. Many of these dreams turn into reality, as his main goal is to improve society.

You don't have to do everything in a hurry to succeed. That's the main lesson one learns from Sleepy Rider, who writes reports and develops prototypes for a wide range of companies. Sleepy Rider believes that a relaxed focus is the optimum frame of mind for achieving success. Relaxation and focus are both linked to self-confidence.

Created by Alex Cosper