How a Tribute Band Fooled the Media

Mainstream media had developed a slacker reputation by the time the Shadow Government Occult Band was making it big on the Bullboard Charts. It was as if music history had changed overnight and big biz media was sleeping right through this amazing revolution. The media's credibility was tested on April 19, 2018 when an SGOB tribute band did cover songs so close to the hit versions, that a reporter for the city's last monopoly newspaper wrote he saw a splendid performance of the Shadow Government Occult Band. Yet the band he had actually seen was the Shallow Government Occult Band, who looked and sounded just like the original.

One of the reasons the reporter might have been fooled was that both bands use the same initials (SGOB). The actual SGOB was not available for comment, but Gary Goorigan, lead singer of the tribute band, said he was pleased by the error. "Our phone wouldn't stop ringing off the hook," Gary claimed. "We even got to book some new gigs from the confusion." The story made the front page with the headline "Nationally Acclaimed SGOB Plays Surprise Coffeehouse Show."

So how does mainstream media make such huge mistakes in reporting what may seem to be an easy to prevent mixup? All they had to know was that the real SBOG is way too big to be playing shows at coffeehouses anymore. Now that they've had 4 consecutive number one songs on the Bullboard charts, it should be obvious what their status is in the music world. Meanwhile, the Shallow Government Occult Band is quickly becoming the town's favorite cover band.

If there was ever a formula for paving a sure way toward success in the local music scene, it's obvious that imitating or covering music by the established SGOB is the way to go. Their current smash "Elements of Corruption" defines a new generation of rock and roll. Their music is stripped down without all the fancy studio tricks, making a lot of 21st century music sound outdated by comparison. Their ethic of producing the most raw music possible has been a big game changer in the emerging pop culture that embraces cartoon bands.

Created by Alex Cosper