Why the Russian Hysteria Is More Rumor Than Theory

It's pretty amazing how hysterical TV "journalists" can get over the Russian hacker conspiracy propaganda. I call it propaganda because it hasn't quite developed into a solid theory yet. It's closer to a rumor circulated by intelligence officials and mainstream media. Rachel Maddow is one of the biggest cheerleaders of this hysteria, although I don't watch her anymore since I've learned to shut the idiot box off. She represents the fake left, whereas I'm more part of the genuine Bernie Sanders left.

The idiocy of mainstream media is that it is running with a story that so far has no real legs, unless you actually trust the intelligence biz, which still hasn't offered any evidence or proof as of May 12, 2017 to back up their claims that Russians rigged the election for Donald Trump. As much as Trump has been an unusual irreverent leader constantly bashing the media for its "fake news," he actually has a point. Why do Americans even watch the idiot box anymore after all the proven lies its fed them for decades about nonsense like the Vietnam War, Gulf War, Y2K, Weapons of Mass Destruction and so on?

When TV Was Worth Watching

Let's also not forget that it was TV - specifically NBC - that gave Trump plenty of free publicity leading up to the election. As progressive comedian Jimmy Dore has pointed out on his internet video show, it wasn't the Russians that told Hillary to campaign as a Wall Street warmonger, which is the real reason she lost.

Television has always been an amazing technology that delivers mostly worthless nonsense. Some of the first shows were presented by tobacco companies, which were demented all along. The 60s had some fun escapist shows like Gilligan's Island, Star Trek and Get Smart. Then the 70s had interesting social commentary shows like All In The Family, M*A*S*H and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But since then there really haven't been that many shows worth wasting time on.

Theory vs. Propaganda

It was in the 70s we learned from congressional hearings led by Senator Frank Church that the CIA has had a relationship with media since the 1950s to spread propaganda. That's when we also started learning that the CIA had been conducting several mind control programs on society, such as MK-Ultra. We further learned that government can be remarkably corrupt, which is why Nixon had to resign - so he could avoid impeachment for covering up spying, burglaries and mass murder bombings in Southeast Asia.

The JFK assassination is a real conspiracy theory because it's based on a huge stack of physical evidence. Sorry to bring up Watergate again, but Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt proudly admitted on his deathbed on tape that he was involved in the JFK murder as a "bench warmer" while he worked with the CIA. There are plenty of artifacts and official documents that make the JFK murder a compelling conspiracy theory, especially CIA document #1035-960 called "Psych." This document was dated April 1, 1967 and was circulated to U.S. media partners of the CIA, instructing them to ridicule JFK conspiracy theorists.

Thanks to the U.S. media's "dumbing of America project," many people still actually religiously believe that what these television networks report is 100% fact. The agenda of television, however, has never been to report the truth, as there are no laws that require them to do so. TV's agenda is to sell advertising time to Big Biz. A lot of Americans forget that Big Biz spends lots of big bucks on psychological research to find out how to socially condition audiences to accept pop culture products and the values they promote as the norm.

If the intelligence biz or the media presents actual evidence the Russians had anything to do with the election, I'd be curious. But so far the hype doesn't qualify as a theory. One of TV's major accomplishments has been to condition audiences to forget what the word "theory" is supposed to mean. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution wasn't based on hearsay or unnamed sources like the Russian hacker scare. Darwin's theory was based on a huge stack of physical evidence.

Bush's Torture Enthusiast James Comey Gets Fired

But the FBI didn't even check the Democratic National Committee's servers. Instead, they relied on the judgement of a cyber group called CrowdStrike, which has since changed their story about Ukraine claims, as reported by the Voice of America in March. MIT professor Noam Chomsky, considered a scholar and political expert, has stated in a video that the United States is becoming a laughing stock of the world for getting hysterical over the Russian scare. He said the reason the USA looks hypocritical to other nations is because of the USA's own tampering in other countries' elections.

So it was an interesting week in which Trump fired FBI director James Comey on May 9. Comey was a spook from the Bush2 administration who approved of waterboarding, so America should be applauding Trump's decision. Instead, the fake left - people who voted for Hillary Clinton - has been calling for Trump's impeachment, saying that the president was interfering with Comey's investigation into Trump's relationships with Russia.

The Dissolving Credibility of Government and Media

What Trump, the media and the intelligence biz always forget to talk about is that Russia is not America's enemy and has been running the same type of democratic republic government as the USA since the fall of its communist regime in the early 90s. Obama started out having friendly relations with Putin and Russians until the US government decided to start creating chaos in Syria, which has been Russia's ally since the 1940s.

A little bit of history helps clear up this big mess of brain fog that the media has been trying to orchestrate. Most people don't know much about history and have been taught not to care about it. They prefer keeping up with the baloney and cheese corporate news of the shady mainstream media. It is very unlikely Trump will get impeached since the votes in the house or the senate just aren't there, whereas Nixon lost almost complete support of his own party due to tons of physical evidence against him.

A recent poll by ABC/Washington Post showed that both Democrats and Republicans are very unpopular with Americans. Results showed that 67% said Democrats were out of touch and 62% said Republicans were out of touch. Meanwhile, a Gallup monthly poll showed that in April 2017, the number of Americans who consider themselves to be "independent" increased from 42 to 44%, while democrats fell from 30-28% and Republicans slipped from 26-25%. Obviously, not everyone has been brainwashed by TV.

Created by Alex Cosper