Music of the Shadow Government

Rumors continue to spread about the possible breakup of the hot (fictional) underground group the Shadow Government Occult Band. Member Frankie Flats has intentionally helped ignite the gossip to promote his new solo music. His debut single "Spies Around the World" has entered the Bullboard top 10 and appears to be a smooth transition into his own musical career. Additionally, rumors are spreading that he leads a double life - secret agent by day and rock star by night.

The rest of the SGOB personnel have stopped doing interviews and their publicist could not be reached for comment as of this writing. Frankie Flats has told the press that the band has run its course artistically now that Halloween is over, as he looks forward to working more on his own music. Flats will not confirm nor deny that he has officially left the group or whether they have disbanded. He seemed annoyed at a press conference when a Pyramid Island Times reporter asked if he planned to change his "hideous image."

"Spies Around the World" is the first single from his upcoming album Don't Ridicule the Shadow Government. He says that his songwriting is based on real life personal experiences and that he's a big fan of spy culture. The song is getting airplay in major markets while the video just entered heavy rotation on the government-owned pay for play television network, Creep State Television (CST). The video portrays Flats as a rock star who wears a disguise while spying around the world, chasing wild girls.

Each of the three other members of the SGOB has recordings on the Bullboard chart. The band's hit "Democracy Is Dead" made number three when all the data was tallied for the week of Halloween. It was eclipsed by band member Lionel Rabbitson's runaway hit "Chasing You Down the Rabbit Hole," which made number two behind Whistler's controversial chart topper, "The Day The Dolphins Took Over."

Shadow government officials have not released any statements about the band or its members, so it's difficult to understand what's really going on. Fans are divided between rumors the band has broken up and hopeful wishes that they plan on touring. It almost appears that not even the shadow government knows how this story will play out. One thing is for sure, though. Rumors about the band and its members have dominated headlines, leading analysts to speculate that the story is merely a distraction from shadow government corruption.

Created by Alex Cosper