Happy Shadow Government Occult Band New Year

Rumors a few months back that the Shadow Government Occult Band was breaking up turned out to be false propaganda spread by mainstream media. Why would professional media outlets spread such rumors? It's easier to hook audiences into being loyal followers of familiar stories than constantly changing the storyline, according to some music industry insiders who asked not to be named. These insiders work with both corporate and government organizations. They play a unique role in shaping cultural values through art.

The band's historic rise to fame on Pyramid Island after appearing on the island's #1 TV program, the Ed Skullivan Show, has grabbed media headlines since October. The Pyramid Island Times, for example, did a huge front page write-up on their website about the band's huge sales over the holiday season. They even beat "Santa Bunny's Christmas Medley," which normally has been #1 every December since it came out 50 years ago.

The band ended up having the #1 song of the year on the Bullboard Charts. That honor went to "Democracy Is Dead." It was intended to just be a performance on the Ed Skullivan Show for Halloween. Then the track went viral the next day and shot up to the top 3, but was blocked for awhile by bigger record labels that the band claimed "rigged the charts." The Bullboard controversy actually was more controversial than their eventual #1 hit (for 5 weeks) that tore down everything imaginable about democracy. Chances are they'll be up for some Pyramid Island music awards in a few months.

Mystery surrounds the band how they shot up the charts so quickly. Tabloids have speculated that the group is funded by the corp/govt's Department of Cultural Awareness, which is really a government/media propaganda machine run by intelligence agents for mass social conditioning purposes.

Religious extremists say they're Satan worshippers. Conspiracy theorists claim they're an illuminati organization disguised as musicians. Democrats say singer Peter Pumpkinface is in cahoots with the Russians, but no actual real "smoking gun" evidence has been presented by the corp/govt. Republicans warn the band has an obvious socialist message. Progressives, on the other hand, say they're a satire on corporate/government fascism.

Shadow Government Occult Band Members

Vocals/guitar - Peter Pumpkinface
Bass - Lionel Rabbitson
Sax - Frankie Flats
Drums - Ape Banger
Keyboards - Vince Futura
Violin - Count Thugula
Background Vocals - Pinky Skullivan

Created by Alex Cosper