Science Fiction Halloween Music

Halloween was a little creepier than usual this year on the Ed Skullivan TV Show. Before we get deeper, let me just point out it's a fictional humorous story so that you don't get too spooked. Now back to the story. Popular variety show host Skullivan booked the hottest up and coming underground band that incorporates social commentary in their music, the Shadow Government Occult Band. Tickets sold out quickly within minutes of going on sale.

Shadow Government Occult Band Members

Vocals/guitar - Peter Pumpkinface
Bass - Lionel Rabbitson
Sax - Frankie Flats
Drums - Ape Banger
Keyboards - Vince Futura
Violin - Count Thugula
Background Vocals - Pinky Skullivan

The band rallied the crowd on their national TV debut, doing their new single "Democracy Is Dead." The short one minute song had people singing along as if it were a major cultural anthem. Pinky Skullivan (Ed's daughter) was added to the show at the last minute, as ordered by the host.

Shocker: the band's debut single was blocked out of the number one position on the Bullboard top 10 singles chart following the Ed Skullivan Show. Although the band and its members dominated the list with 9 positions, no one saw a dolphin named Whistler coming to grab the top spot. No one at the label was alerted that Bullboard changed its chart methodology to include "underwater streams" from the streaming service Horrify. The song "The Day The Dolphins Took Over" was not even issued as a recording, as Bullboard merely detected dolphin sounds that they attributed to Whistler.

It led to SGOB management calling for an investigation into Bullboard to see if its charts are rigged. Meanwhile bassist Rabbitson also surprised the band by issuing his first solo single, which also blocked "Democracy Is Dead" out of the top position, pushing it down to number 3, as "Chasing You Down the Rabbit Hole" took the number 2 slot. The SGOB's other single "Psycho President" was listed at number 10 while the remaining slots were taken by other band members with their respective solo releases.

Rumors are now spreading that Rabbitson is leaving the band to pursue a solo career. Other gossip suggest that the SGOB may be breaking up completely since band founder/singer Peter Pumpkinface is the only member signed to a record deal. The rest are hired musicians. Ironically, Rabbitson is the lowest paid bandmate, despite receiving the most fan mail. Stay tuned for more drama.

Created by Alex Cosper