What do you think about the Wall Street traders losing millions shorting marijuana stocks? (09/20/18)

OLD WORLD BANKER: Lost my ass on Tilray. How was I to know there's real money behind it, I just go by what Wall Street analysts say. And they were all warning that the stock was just a bubble. So a lot of us shorted it and lost our asses. Next time I'll be sure to check the short interest .. Turns out a third of shares are shorted, which caused a short squeeze.
BIRDSY BIRDSONG: I don't play that stupid stock market game but I do have bird friends who know how to hack into computers and do trades for me via high frequency bird calls. I made $4500 on just 100 shares of TLRY in a one minute daytrade. In at 168, out at 214 .. Flying high is just what I do.
AGENT CROWSLEY: We're investigating the trading in Tilray stock on September 19, 2018 .. The wild stock price ranged from 150 to 300. My heart goes out to whoever bought the stock at 300 per share. Officials halted trading at that point and when it reopened the first trade between market makers was at 168. Then in the final minutes of trading it closed at 214. A lot of hedge funds that shorted pot stocks lost their asses.
GORILLA MARKETER: Our "boiler room special" is an index of penny stocks related to cannabis. These little stocks haven't really participated much in the recent pot rally led by Tilray. But here's your last chance to jump in before they explode like Tilray. Millennials are bored with Bitcoin. They've moved on to pot investments.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: Mainstream media hasn't said much about marijuana investments, so that's a foreign topic to me. I don't know anything about stocks or illegal drugs. I do take a lot of prescription drugs because they're legal and advertised a lot on TV, which is part of how I judge if something is legitimate or not.
BLOGGER FROM NOWHERE: Tilray, for those who are too lazy to do their own research, is mostly owned by Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel. He owns 75% of the shares and has a stake around $12 billion. Thiel is an anti-war, gay, immigrant who was Trump's 11th largest investor in the trainwreck election of 2016.
BURGERHEAD JUNKIE: I lost too much money on the Spotify IPO, so I guess I'm out of the market for now. I bought at 150 then it fell to 140 so I sold all my shares. Then I watched it go to 195 and bought a ton of shares, only to cash out at 172. So I don't know how to play this game. I'm too much of a mainstream fabrication with no mind or soul.
FLATTY ARBIBLE: I love to endulge in short selling, but I got a tip from people who follow Thiel to stay away from shorting marijuana stocks. It's a short squeeze rally, so there's money to be made from wide spreads. I look at the hour by hour chart and volume. Higher than average volume trading is confirmation of a trend. Have fun, I'm too old world to get involved with left wing pot stocks.
SHORTY HEDGES: I shorted TLRY at 20 then covered for a huge loss at 22. Then I shorted at 25 and got out at 30 for another wipeout. Saw it up to 50, so of course I shorted, as all the analysists were calling it a bubble. It blasted to 75 so I had to get out for a massive loss. When it hit 150 I shorted all I could then got caught for a margin call at 300 and lost everything. I'm looking at refinancing my home to get back into the market.

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