What do you think about cannabis investors losing millions buying marijuana stocks? (09/21/18)

OLD WORLD BANKER: Good thing I held my short positition. Tilray ended the week at 123 after the wild ride to 300. It was a short squeeze rally all along, like I thought. Even so, when the stock was on fire, I admit I was scared to death that it would keep going up forever. I did reach for my pills several times.
BIRDSY BIRDSONG: I got out Thursday after a big gain so I didn't worry about the plunge on Friday. I do feel sorry for humans who don't understand how these silly games work. It's all about pumping, then it's about dumping. You shouldn't confuse stock market activity with anything organic. It's orchestrated.
AGENT CROWSLEY: We're investigating the trading in Tilray stock for the whole week. The wide price swings indicate large blocks of shares were traded quickly. We don't have further details at this time, other than 75% of the shares are owned by Peter Thiel and there are a limited number of shares for trading.
GORILLA MARKETER: My boiler room staff did a great job getting financial media writers excited about the stock. Soon as the stock was halted we backed off all promotional activity and shifted to a short-selling strategy. Our group made millions shorting from 200 down to 125.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: I didn't see anything on mainstream media about it all week, so I guess I was lucky to not know about it. I feel sorry for anyone who got hurt by the stock going straight up or straight down. I had a friend once who said he knew a broker and said the secret is buy low and sell high, otherwise it's just gambling.
BLOGGER FROM NOWHERE: Tilray had an amazing stock run for about six weeks, from its successful $17-20 IPO to its colossal rise to 300. It never should have gotten that high due to basic fundamentals. The company makes revenue but it hasn't turned a profit yet. On the positive side, Tilray CEO Brendan Kennedy told CNBC that he envisions several $100 billion marijuana companies in the future.
BURGERHEAD JUNKIE: I was shut out of trading after losing so much money on the up and down moves of Spotify. I wanted to buy Tilray at $30 but I had no money. I probably would've gotten out after I tripled my money and would've opened a hempburger chain. But now that vision is dead. Coca-cola said it might get into the cannabis biz, so I still have hope for synthetics and junk food merging with marijuana.
FLATTY ARBIBLE: When I saw that TLRY closed on Thursday at 176 after soaring around 200 I figured it would rally back on Friday. But when I saw the price plunged at the open I shorted at 148 and rode it down to 130. I shorted again the last hour at 127 and covered at 123.
SHORTY HEDGES: I was out of capital after getting cleaned out on Thursday. I would've loved shorting at any price on Friday since the whole session was a freefall and I would've held through the weekend. Now we'll never know how rich I could have gotten because I was faked out by my own friends who rig the stock market.

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