What's your prediction for Spotify stock by the end of April 2018 following its IPO? (04/04/18)

OLD WORLD BANKER: I know Spotify was frowned upon by some of the higher ups on Wall Street for trying to sell their stock directly to the public instead of just through exchanges. Boy, have they got a lot to learn about how the game works. My guess is the stock will be between 100 and 120 by the end of April.
BIRDSY BIRDSONG: I believe the high of 165 is in for the month. I expect it to be between 130 and 140. It does not have the ability to fly higher like a bird ... more evidence that music made by birds can get you higher than music made by humans.
AGENT CROWSLEY: We're investigating a situation in which scammers made $1 million off of Spotify with 500 short songs on about 1,200 accounts. If they were fake accounts then that was brilliant, since at $10 per account they could've spent $12k and made back over $1 million by playing the same short songs over and over all day for several months. I'm betting the stock will stay between $140 and $150.
GORILLA MARKETER: Spotify is saving the music industry. Without their streaming platform music would be dead. They have so much impact they have become the music industry. Notice that Spotify has set the agenda in music the past few years, turning Apple, Google and Amazon into followers. I'm confident it will keep going higher, between 165 and 200 by the end of the month.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: I think I saw something on the news that Spotify was the greatest IPO of all time. So it's a no-brainer that it's a winner if mainstream media says so. I think the company has a chance to be the biggest company of all time. My guess is the stock will be doubled what it is now by the end of the month, so anywhere from $200 to $1,000.
BLOGGER FROM NOWHERE: The company is billions in debt but is somehow king of the music biz. It's one of those weird trends that makes you ask: how can the herd be that stupid to flock toward this money-losing ponzi scheme? Obviously, insiders who got in at low prices like $30 made bank on the IPO, whereas the public got burned by this falling knife. I'll predict it falls below $100.
BURGERHEAD JUNKIE: I heard on the news while I was waiting for commercials that Coca-Cola is a big investor in Spotify, which makes sense since soda pop and pop music are both part of pop culture. Obviously, it attracts big investors, so I'm betting it's going to spray higher like a soft drink, higher than $1,000.
FLATTY ARBIBLE: I think it's just going to be flat for awhile. By that I mean it will stay between 150 and 165 where it will stay for awhile. I don't see it getting too much higher since the company is unprofitable and bloated with debt, but I can see where excitement from all the press will keep it from collapsing.
SHORTY HEDGES: I shorted SPOT on the day it opened at 165 and held my short position ever since. I plan on holding the short position for the entire month. Obviously, then, I need the stock to be down. My target cover price is between 120 and 130, but I may keep building the position if indicators point to a sustained price decline.

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