Anatomy of an Infomercial Scam

TV Informercials can be colossal scams designed to rope in suckers who end up parting with their money in exchange for a few hours of baloney. In this case, Dr. Skull Fratman was able to fake out 1,000 people who each paid $2,500 to attend his seminar on how to become a billionaire. Fratman has been pulling this prank for years from city to city. He gets away with it because he's got powerful friends who look the other way while taking a cut from his fraudulent earnings.

The reason he's able to bluff so many people who throw their money away is that he taps into narcissism and mixes it with greed. Since so many people are deep in debt and don't have savings, they're on the brink of bankruptcy as they are desperate to latch onto anything that sounds like fast easy money. At his seminars Fratman assures his followers that the path to endless wealth is to "follow your passion." And if your passion happens to be money, then chances are, he's gotcha.

Created by Alex Cosper