When the Sleeper Bowl Wakes Up America

The Super Bowl is always the most watched media event of the year and the 2019 Sleeper Bowl will likely be no different, despite being one of the lowest scoring football championship games in history. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots wrote more history on February 3, 2019 in Atlanta during Super Bowl LIII, but the 13-3 score over the Los Angeles Rams was the boring headline. Here were some of the unflattering headlines for videos:

ESPN: "Rams fans, lack of offense, Patriots fatigue to blame for Super Bowl ratings decline"
CNN: "Super Bowl ratings still super, but drop for Rams-Patriots snoozer"

If you slept through the first quarter, you might have been better to keep on sleeping since the score was Patriots 3-0 at half time. Many people ridiculed the performance of Maroon 5 for their mediocrity, lack of imagination and overblown hype about nothing. In the third quarter is was still a 3-0 game but midway through the 4th quarter the Rams made it 3 all. The Patriots then scored a touchdown.

It looked like the Rams would respond with a touchdown until QB Jared Goff, the would-be star to upstage legend Tom Brady, through a floater that was picked off deep near the goal line. The Patriots then put up another field goal as the Rams ran out of clock, other than getting into field goal position and then missing with 8 seconds left.

The Rams made it to the Super Bowl with the help of running back Todd Gurley, who seemed to be able to run over anyone who stepped in his way. But the Rams didn't go to the ground much during this game, relying on the fire power of Goff and his reliable receivers. But the Patriots had the Ram recievers well covered, shutting down the air attack.

The moral of the story is the same with all Super Bowls, which is that focus and sensible decisions are what lead to victory. Coming up with a completely different game plan for a championship than the method how you get to the big game is often a bad idea. Consequently, what could've been an easy victory turned into a botched affair, as the Patriots were handed another trophy in which it's debatable they earned. But they did have the better score when the clock ran out, which is all that matters when we're talking strict fooball bible 1A.

And so the biggest event of the year turned out to be very boring for people who only cheer for scores. Yes, defensive fans got their dose of entertainment, but the common football fan likes to see history being made .. except when the game is so boring it puts them to sleep. The Patriots, nevertheless, made history by winning its sixth Super Bowl, putting them in a tie with the Steelers for most victories.

Created by Alex Cosper