Who Will Win the Super Bowl in 2018?

The following residents of Pyramid Island were asked on December 29, 2017 who they think will win the Super Bowl LII on February 4, 2018.

BIRDSY BIRDSONG: As I've pointed out in my book Why Birds are Smarter Than Humans bird names can help humans succeed. Over the years I've favored the Seahawks and last year I picked the Falcons, but this year I'm going to go with the Philadelphia Eagles. They will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

ACOUSTIC ANGELO: I wish I could do the half-time show instead of Justin Timberlake. I'd do some protest songs against Trump. I don't pay much attention to sports, but I'll take a wild guess and say the New England Patriots just because I've heard they cheat a lot, like last year in that fake comeback.

AGENT CROWSLEY: I think the Pittsburgh Steelers will win their seventh Super Bowl. It's not a conspiracy theory that they were robbed in week 15 against the Patriots, which I'm still investigating. The officials made a questionable call by overturning an obvious Steeler TD.

GORILLA MARKETER: L.A. Rams look like the team of the year to me. Best offense all year and possibly of all time. Good to see L.A. back in the playoffs. Jared Goff is an incredible QB who has taken the team to a championship level.

RUDY RIDDLER: Jacksonville Jaguars, baby. Bet on it. Don't even trip. Just double down on the Jags then sit back and collect the money. It's one of their best seasons ever. And don't forget Jags have an awesome defense, which is what matters most, but they also have one of the best offenses.

CARRIE ANN SAVANT: I don't really follow football, but I usually go to a Super Bowl party with friends. It makes no difference to me who wins. It's mostly a big spectacle diversion for mainstream media advertising. If you want me to make a random pick I'll say the Minnesota Vikings will win their first Super Bowl on the strength of their top-rated defense.

CHESTER COMMONFOLK: I'll say the KC Chiefs because it's their turn. Alex Smith is a great QB who gets the job done. America is looking for balance right now and they just happen to be the team that's closest to the center of the country.

PHIL ANTHROPIST: New Orleans Saints are back. It's got me singing "oh when the saints go marching in." Drew Brees is a legend and will take the Saints all the way. I'm putting big money on it.

COUNT DRUGULA: The Atlanta Falcons looked great in the first half last Super Bowl but they acted like they took the wrong drugs at half time. I think this year they'll complete the mission by paying closer attention to the drugs we prescribe. I'll be monitoring the commercials to see if any big pharma friends will be advertising.

FREEDOM CHAMP: I'm hoping the Seattle Seahawks sneak in as a wildcard. I very much admired the way they took a knee to protest the system. But I also want to thank all the other teams who did the same because freedom of expression is what America is all about.

BLOGGER FROM NOWHERE: San Diego - I mean - L.A. Chargers have come a long way. Phillip Rivers is a well seasoned QB who can throw better than any of them. I expect Chargers to beat their playoff opponents in close games.

AGELESS REBEL: Buffalo Bills have lost 4 Super Bowls but they'll be champs this season. Last season the Patriots were the comeback kids, this season that honor will go to the Bills. Nobody expected them to come this far, yet here they are.

FOOTBALL FREAK: I get deep into football. I analyze every game, so people say I'm a football freak, but hey, nobody gets as deep into football analysis as I do. Tennessee Titans will be the Cinderella team this year to go all the way. Marcus Mariota is the key to their success and I'm a big fan.

JOE 12-PACK: Baltimore Ravens will win another Super Bowl this year because they've really been the best team all decade, but have been ignored by the media. I just have a feeling it's their turn again because they're good enough to beat anybody and they've already won a few rings.

LAST LIVE DJ: Never rule out the Carolina Panthers. They could've won the big game a few years ago up until late in the game. I think last year they were terrible but this year they are back and learned a lot of character. Do not bet against QB Cam Newton, who can run and pass.

Created by Alex Cosper