Swamp Guru: Trump Hasn't Drained the Swamp

Swamp Guru is a cartoon character who comes from the same swamp Trump talks about. He says that Trump's 2016 campaign propaganda to "drain the swamp" was just a prank on society. Trump went on, like Obama, Bush, Clinton and earlier presidents, to stack his cabinet with swamp characters from Wall Street. In other words, Swamp Guru understands the problem Americans are having with Congress being bought off by lobbyists, who are hired by Big Biz.

All you have to do is follow the money to know that the swamp keeps filling up with more shady characters, which has been a trend for decades. To pretend Big Biz isn't shady is to be ignorant and vulnerable. Going along with a shady system is how people stay trapped in little boxes. Thinking outside the box is the key to disrupting old world systems that block innovation and limit opportunities for society.

Progressive ideas are what drive society forward, according to Swamp Guru, who has learned from his own experience that the opposite direction leads to doom and darkness. Although Trump has tried to turn the EPA into a mockery of itself, there's a sense that environmentalists aren't going to let Trump get away with big favors to big polluters. The green movement has accelerated this century with rapid improvement in solar technnology and the explosion in organic food sales.

Mother Nature wants America to preserve its scenic beauty, not turn into a bunch of toxic landfills, oil fields, coal mines and factories that spread greenhouse gases and cancer. Trump appeals to blue collar workers, but he doesn't seem to care much about the fact that many coal workers are killed on the job or end up dying of lung cancer.

America needs to rehumanize itself, says Swamp Guru, and not get too materialized or corporatized. Some people can't figure out they're helping the 1% billionaires when they base their lifestyles on supporting brands the benefit from the corporate bribery-based lawmaking system. Progressive thinking is the key for Americans to rehumanize themselves and break free of Wall Street's stranglehold on pop culture.

Created by Alex Cosper