On the Cutting Edge with Terence Tranceler

Terence Tranceler popped onto the scene on March 25, 2018. He's a techie who founded his own software company called Tranceler Digital Brands, which includes a shopping app that gives you access to the best deals in the world. He used outside the box thinking to come up with much more advanced search algorithms than what any of the search giants were using. Of course, the big guys were looking at either a buyout or imitation as a form of market exploitation.

Tranceler grew up in Silicon Valley, the son of a software engineer who worked for some of the big guys. Since he was born rich, all he needed for credibility was a business degree from a prestigious university to cement his enterprise. He had the funds to promote any kind of software he came up with through email marketing and social media. His plan is to keep creating mind-blowing software that disrupts online industries as a way to mix things up so that consumers win and it's not just the same big cartels always running things.

He launched his startup company with a staff of 25 people, five of which are software developers. The other 20 workers are digital marketers who look for ways to give the branding more national exposure. Tranceler's goal is to develop a global brand that he can take to the top. There's no exit plan since he plans to hang on to the business and hand it down to his kids. He's not afraid to admit that someday he'd like to have the most popular website on earth.

What drives Tranceler is his view that the internet would be so much better if there were better sites than Google and Amazon. Every day Terence brainstorms with his staff how he can come up with better search results for anything than any other site. Sometimes the staff discusses it over a game of ping pong or pool. Tranceler pays his workers well and creates a fun atmosphere that has an amazing recreation room. He doesn't want employees to be treated like dirt since those are the kind of workers that spread bad news online.

Like Steve Jobs, Terence Tranceler bases his business model on the Beatles. He believes that a great team will produce work that is beyond expectations. Tranceler doesn't want the company to get taken over by big biz so he's keeping it off the stock market, at least for now. He doesn't want his company to be controlled by Wall Street. He's confident that the company makes enough cash to not worry about investors.

Created by Alex Cosper