What Was the Top Story of 2018? (12/23/18)

SOLAR STEVE: I think it was another milestone year for alternative energy growth, despite the Trump problem. Even though the administration wants to turn the clock back to the coal era, our own Energy Department confirms that the coal biz is dying while the solar and wind industry is growing.
RUDY RIDDLER: I think it was the death of Bush Sr. He helped speed up the U.S. becoming the cop of the world before communism could take over. More people need to know how he deserves credit for conquering the Middle East and other parts of the world. One of his greatest accomplishments was pardoning Caspar Weinberger. It set a precedent for how to get away with war crimes.
CHESTER COMMONFOLK: I think the top story of the year was the controversy surrounding the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside." I'm all for the MeToo movement, but they might have gone too far on this one. I'm surprised this story didn't get more news coverage since it shows how the First Amendment is constantly being violated. They can take away all my other rights, but they can't take away my freedom of choice!
SHORTY HEDGES: For me it was the series of stock market plunges in the fourth quarter. I shorted down FAANG and all the major indexes. Pot was a great spike for awhile before the optimisim wore off leading up to Canada legalizing recreational cannabis in October. But a slowdown in housing prices, with interest rates ticking up and tariffs driving material costs up, plus high corporate debt all point to an upcoming recession, which is good for those of us who bet against the market.
JOE 12-PACK: Trump beating Mueller was the top story. Everything the media and the deep state tried to throw at Trump ended up being a joke. None of their evidence or investigations hurt Trump, who's still the prez. There's nothing Mueller has come up with so far that indicates the prez broke the law. Sure, he surrounds himself with shady characters, but so does my boss.
SKULL THUGGERY: Pulling out of Syria is shocking if you ask me. I planned on being there for the next several decades. I'm not sure I agree with Trump pulling out of Syria or Congress talking about pulling out of Yemen. My career depends on these military actions and I don't give a hoot who has to die for me to keep my high paying job.
CARRIE-ANN SAVANT: I think the top story of the year was the fall of big name chumps who thought more about themselves than society. Rosanne Barr's racist tweet, Trump's awful tweets, CBS TV programming head Les Moonves stepping down after sexual misconduct accusations. All these events point to a modernization and cleansing of social consciousness.
RECORD JUNKIE JAKE: Top story of the year was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' White Album. I was amazed by the production work of Giles Martin, son of George Martin. Giles helped modernize the music, even though it's already considered timeless art. I think songs like "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" still echo the sentiment of society. "Piggies" is about self-indulegence. "Revolution" questions the use of violence.
SLEEPY RIDER: Seems like the media tried hard to keep the top story of the year Russiagate, but that was boring and everyone burned out on it. Trump's approval rating even went up. Even though the system can't stop Trump, he still seems like a big failure who's wrecking the planet.
JACK CEDARS PINEMAN: I notice a lot of disillusion in society. Everyone at work complains how they can't keep up with the rising cost of living. A lot of friends have high medical bills and don't know what to do about it. I may have to sell my home just to have cash to survive. The more the media calls this a "healthy economy" the more they look like a big joke.

All drawings and content by Alex Cosper. All Rights Reserved.