Formation of Birdsong's Treehouse Academy

Another cartoon band has gained airplay on imaginary AM station Trip 1000. This time it's Birdsong's Treehouse Academy, which features followers of best-selling author/bird psychologist Dr. Birdsy Birdsong. The author's book Why Birds are Smarter Than Humans is redefining education and leading humans to rethink their status in nature. In the bird community, Birdsong is considered the equivalent to Plato or Socrates. Here are the lyrics to the hit "Birds are Smarter Than Humans."

Why are birds smarter than humans?
asked Dr. Birdsong to the class
birds have been around so much longer
and they exhibit much more class

Dr. Birdsong is an expert in bird psychology
spreads her knowledge to the bird community
according to best selling author Dr. Birdsy Birdsong:
"birds are usually right, while humans are often wrong"

Birds don't read maps
and birds don't need apps
birds don't need
boats, planes, cars or trains

Birds don't build weapons of mass destruction
birds don't indulge in drugs for self-destruction
birds don't manufacture products of mass pollution
they build small sustainable nests
don't need money for any solution

Birds aren't crooks other than playful competition
birds fly away at the hint of suspicion
birds don't invest in endless bloody wars
birds sing to the world as their awareness soars

"That's why birds are smarter than humans," says Dr. Birdsy Birdsong ... "birds need to be leaders, while humans follow along"

Birds are smarter than humans (repeat 3X)

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Created by Alex Cosper