What's Your Opinion of Trump's 2018 State of the Union Speech? (02/03/18)

GORILLA MARKETER: Trump is on top of his game, draining the swamp and shaking up the deep state. His speech was outstanding and a big win for those of us who live to keep increasing quarterly profits. I understand it's the most popular state of the union speech of all time.
COUNT DRUGULA: I was rallying for Trump all the way until he had to bring up high prescription drug prices. It's almost as if he went off script and started pretending he was on the campaign trail again. The pharma stocks in my portfolio came crashing down the next day thanks to Trump. I'd say it was a terrible speech.
FREEDOM CHAMP: It was the worst presidential speech I've ever heard. It was particularly divisive with no compassion for immigrants. Trump does not understand that America was based on immigration and open borders. People who don't know their own country's history don't deserve to be the country's leader.
BLOGGER FROM NOWHERE: It seemed to be the same typical carefully worded type speech every politician gives. The whole purpose of the state of the union speech has been to try to rally the nation behind some deceptive plan that helps the rich and squeezes everyone else. I read a CNN poll that only 48% of Americans liked the speech, so in that sense Trump failed.
JOE 12-PACK: Trump represents strength and he's just trying to make America great again but the media won't let him. That speech will still go down in history as one of the greatest speeches of all time because it clarified a lot of facts about the biggest tax cut in history.
ZOYLENT GREEN: Trump should feel very embarrassed since the speech was full of fake information. His dumb comment that his inept administration has ended the war on clean coal makes him look amazingly out of touch with science, energy and technology. Anyone who's studied economics and the environment knows that coal is the dirtiest energy on earth and that it's a dying industry regardless of what Trump does.
SUPER POLLUTER: Any prez that wants to keep coal going surely understands there's big bucks in spreading pollution and cancer. So Trump's just doing what's right for big biz. Yeah, the speech was perfect for polluters. Public health is not big on the agenda so learn to forget about it. Global warming is just a left-wing media hoax anyway.
MILLENNIAL MASTERMIND: That was the most suck speech I've ever heard. I went to and found the whole thing was full of errors. It was just a stupid thoughtless narcissistic speech probably written by someone from the deep state or the military industrial complex. Trump's just a lame actor. I know he fools a lot of TV junkies, which I guess is how he got elected in the first place.
CLUSTER OF EYEBALLS: Trump made a lot of false statements, so it will not likely be cited much in the future except as an example of weak government propaganda. Some of the things he was wrong about included lying about the biggest tax cut in history, talked about a war on energy that doesn't exist and how immigration is based on a random lottery, which is a distortion of the truth. Overall, it was an ugly speech. Ugly for freedom and democracy.

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